This Village-Style Jungle Safari Lodge In Gir Costs ₹1.5 Lakhs Per Night 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
This Village-Style Jungle Safari Lodge In Gir Costs ₹1.5 Lakhs Per Night 

India is rich with an amazing variety of wildlife animals and birds that call this country their home in different terrains. The country is home to many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries which offer safari experiences. Many wildlife enthusiasts crave resort safari experiences. But how about a luxury jungle safari lodge? Our Curly Tales Luxury Experience, Bianca Saurastri stayed a village style jungle safari lodge in Gir  and here’s how it was:

Aramness: Village-Style Jungle Safari Lodge

Aramness Gir national park is situated right on the fringe of Gujarat’s famous national park. This place actually encapsulates the authentic village style living of Gujarat right in the middle of the jungle. 

Aramness is Gujarat’s most expensive and luxurious wildlife safari lodge and Bianca stayed at their super-luxe family kothi that costs ₹1.5 lakhs per night. Walking inside the place gives you the feeling of walking into a traditional Gujarati village but with rustic luxury. 

The family kothi opens up to a huge verandah and has two bedrooms. All the kothis are double storeyed and are inspired by the housing style in the villages of Gujarat. The interiors are an amazing blend of luxury and authenticity. 

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Adventurous Safari And Delicious Food

The next day Bianca went on a safari in the Sasan Gir National Park which is known for Asiatic lions. She was accompanied by a personal naturalist to escort her through the safari.She spotted many lions, lioness and cubs on her journey and was totally amazed by them. 

The place also has its own farm and garden so whatever you get on your plate is completely farm fresh and organically sourced from here itself. She relished a luxurious breakfast at their main cabana. 

She also explored the outdoors of this amazing jungle safari lodge in the evening. Bianca met the people from the Maldhari tribe and their main livelihood is animal livestock. She enjoyed a small tea picnic while listening to the melodious chirping of the birds.  

The next on the list was a super-luxe sunset barbeque with an open kitchen. One is allowed to bring their own liquor with necessary permits here. She tried the Kansa thali which is one of the specialties of Aramness. The delicacies are served in a bronze plat which is said to be good for your gut.  To know more about how was Bianca’s experience at this beautiful and luxurious place do watch the latest episode of WanderLuxe. 

The best part about this stay is that you get to experience luxury and absolute modesty both at the same place. 

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