Ticketless Passengers Crowd Vande Bharat Express; Netizens Demand, “We Need More Trains”

Another day and there is another incident of ticketless travellers crowding an AC coach of an express train.

by Shreya Ghosh
Ticketless Passengers Crowd Vande Bharat Express; Netizens Demand, “We Need More Trains”

We have heard passengers complaining about Vande Bharat Express’s unsatisfactory food in the past. We have seen social media posts about unhygienic toilets on these trains. Passengers often take to social media to share their experiences but nothing concerned people before like the recent viral video. Videos surfacing online show ticketless passengers overcrowding a Vande Bharat Express.

Vande Bharat Express Gets Bombarded With Ticketless Passengers

Gems of Engineering (@gemsofbabus_) took to the X platform to share the shocking video of people crowding the semi-high-speed train.

There have been several incidents of passengers boarding AC coaches of express trains without having a valid ticket. Multiple videos of similar experiences went viral in the past few months. Previously, the issue of people without tickets swarming and occupying AC compartments was reported on AC sleeper coaches of different express trains. Now, premium trains like Vande Bharat Express are facing these obstacles too.

These latest viral videos show a coach completely bombarded with passengers travelling with and without tickets. It was so overcrowded that moving around seemed difficult. Many might find it difficult to identify the train as a Vande Bharat Express seeing the crowd. An overcrowded local train or metro looks quite similar to this crammed Vande Bharat train.

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Netizens React To The Viral Videos

Netizens are shocked and worried seeing the present conditions of trains getting overcrowded. In the comments, many are sharing opinions and demanding strict steps to control the major challenge. One of the common suggestions is to implement the metro’s ticketing and verification system at all railway stations.

X users are also pointing out the worrisome problem of insufficient resources according to the population. Also, some complained about cancellations of passenger trains leading to the rush of ticketless travellers on express trains. Few social media users demanded more trains with more coaches at affordable rates. “Either you launch more Vande trains at affordable rates or discontinue them and launch the trains and increase coaches”, commented an X user.

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What do you have to say about ticketless passengers crowding Vande Bharat Express?

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Gems of Engineering (@gemsofbabus_)

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