6 Top Attractions You Mustn’t Miss At The Dubai Miracle Garden

by Ishita Agarwal
6 Top Attractions You Mustn’t Miss At The Dubai Miracle Garden

The term ‘garden’ reminds us of peaceful, verdant fields and springtime flowers. And if you enjoy taking garden strolls, the Dubai Miracle Garden has to be on your wishlist. The Dubai Miracle Garden is the biggest natural flower garden in the world, with over 45 million blooms on exhibit. Here is a list of the top attractions in the garden which you must not miss! 

1. Emirates Airbus A380

A life-size floral recreation of the Emirates A380 aircraft is the most impressive feature of the Dubai Miracle Garden. It is also the largest structure ever created within a garden and holds a Guinness World Record. Five hundred thousand real flowers and plants make up the enormous exhibit, continually refreshed and enhanced with new additions. 

dubai miracle garden
Photo Credits: Unsplash

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2. Flower Clock 

The Floral Clock, located in the middle of the Miracle Garden, showcases a new way to perceive time. The clock has a perimeter of roughly 15 metres and has vibrant flower arrangements and decorations. These arrangements are modified from season to season. 

One of the most spectacular attractions of the Dubai Miracle Garden, the clock area is surrounded by various precisely and carefully constructed floral arrangements.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

3. Teddy Bear 

As kids, we have all cuddled a teddy bear. With its 12-meter-tall Teddy Bear exhibit, the Dubai Miracle Garden will transport you to your childhood days. The Teddy Bear is seen sitting in the centre of the lawn, with a sweet red bowtie around its neck and a vivid red flower topiary in its arms.

It is one of the top attractions in the garden for younger visitors and a popular selfie spot. 

teddy bear
Photo Credits: Shutterstock

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4. Smurfs Village At Dubai Miracle Garden

The Dubai Miracle Garden’s newest and upcoming attraction, The Smurfs Village, promises to set yet another world record. The Smurfs Village will recreate the world of these little blue animals by carefully creating a fantasy setting based on the Belgian Smurf comics. 

Dubai miracle Garden
Photo Credits: Instagram

5. Floating Lady 

The Floating Lady, the Miracle Garden’s newest feature, depicts a larger-than-life lady floating mid-air on her back. Her clothes and hair are streaming to the ground as she reclines on her back, seemingly carefree.

The outfit’s centrepiece is the carpet of red and white petunias blossoming to the bottom blend well with the flowerbeds below the Floating Lady. 

dubai miracle garden
Photo Credits: Unsplash

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6. Walk Through the Heart Passage At Dubai Miracle Garden

The Heart Passage, one of the most popular Dubai Miracle Garden attractions, embodies the two main components of love: flowers and hearts. Giant heart-shaped gates flank the passageway on each side, creating a promenade. Moreover, thousands of flowers in red, white and blue cover each gate.

Walking down the path might be one of the most romantic things to do in Dubai Miracle Garden if you’re there with a significant other. Furthermore, the flower gates also provide a great background for photographs. 

things to do in dubai
Photo Credits: Unsplash

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So, visit Dubai Miracle Garden when it opens in October. And don’t forget to click pictures and tag Curly Tales!

Cover Image Courtesy: Unsplash