Top 6 Destinations In India For A Curious Gemini Who Makes Impromptu Travel Plans

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by Suchismita Pal
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The two keywords that define a Gemini are ‘curious’ and ‘impulsive’. No wonder, their travel decisions can be quite sudden. Geminis tend to get bored easily and thus constantly love to explore new things and new places. Also, since versatility appeals to this air sign, Geminis enjoy almost all kinds of trips, be it to the mountains of Sikkim or to the beaches of Gokarna or to the marvellous forts of Jaipur. In the destinations, they seek for an unique and unmatched beauty, be it scenic excellence or architectural excellence. As long as they can find that, they are appeased. Also, the places that have both scenic beauty and history can be a treat to them. Here are 6 places in India you must explore if you happen to be a Gemini:

1. Jaipur

You’ll rarely find a Gemini who doesn’t adore Jaipur. The magnificent historic forts, the palaces, the vibrant culture, the traditional shopping centres and the mouth-watering local foods here will absolutely feed the soul of a Gemini. Also, only a few hours drive away from Jaipur, there are captivating expanses of lush green mountains at places like Pushkar and Bhangar. Also, this hidden campsite in the Pushkar hills is like a piece of a paradise ( a must-visit for a Gemini).

2.  Rameswaram

A trip to Rameswaram can be a trip of a lifetime for a Gemini. And why not? The island in the south-eastern tip of India has so many experiences to offer, from a ride through India’s oldest and most dangerous sea bridge to a stroll through the ruins of the haunted nearby town, Dhanushkodi. Rameswaram is home to gorgeous beaches. India’s first sea bridge, Pamban bridge passes over the crystal blue waters and connects mainland India’s Mandapam town to the Pamban Island. The ride offers soul-captivating views of the sea and the island. What makes it magnificent is not just its age but the fact that it was the longest sea bridge in India until the opening of the Bandra-Worli Sea Link. It is also a cantaloupe bridge. Dhanushkodi, which is known to be a haunted town, sits at the southernmost tip of Rameswaram where the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean meet.

3. Sikkim

Sikkim in the lap of the Himalayas is again a destination that can provide a plethora of experiences. It has some of the highest glacial lakes in India like the Tsomgo Lake and the Gurudongmar Lake. Sikkim is also home to some roaring waterfalls like the Kanchenjunga Falls and the Naga Falls. The state offers arresting views of the third highest mountain in the world, the Kanchenjunga. There are many hill-ringed monasteries too out here.


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In the topmost corners of Sikkim like the Zero Point and the Nathang Valley, one can walk through pretty snowlines in the winter months. Think adventure activities like trekking, peak climbing and paragliding, you can enjoy them as well in Sikkim. Sikkim offers a mix of everything. Also, when in Sikkim, you can’t afford to miss trying out the momos, local wines and brandies. They taste amazing in the freezing weathers. India’s first glass skywalk above the mountains is also in Sikkim.


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4. Rajgir

The inherent curiosity can drive Geminis to destinations where a lot of knowledge can be gained. And Rajgir in Bihar is definitely one of them.  The ruins of the archaeological masterpiece, the 5th century Nalanda University can leave any Gemini spellbound. The ancient stairs, platforms, stupas, classrooms and meditation halls will push a Gemini to question how it used to function several centuries ago.

The huge and spectacular Buddha statues in Bodhgaya and Gaya, the Saptapadi Cave, the Ajatsatru Fort, the magnificent hilltop Sanchi Stupa and more will make any Gemini fall in love with the place. Also with undulating hills, rocks, lakes and more, the scenic beauty is an add on to the historic wonders here.

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5. Ranthambore

The Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan’s Sawai Madhopur region is one of the biggest national parks in North India. Its sprawling expanse of lush greenery, rich flora and fauna, lakes and mountains, along with the 10th-century Ranthambore Fort, has caught the attention of many nature lovers and shutterbugs. The expanse of the Ranthambore National Park used to be the hunting ground for the Maharajas of Jaipur in the ancient era. It is pristine, vast and spectacular. And how can a Gemini not adore embarking on a jungle safari through the wilds and spot majestic royal Bengal tigers, chital, nilgai, wild boar, sambar and more? To amp up the thrill, you might even stay at the luxurious Mughal tents out here.

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6. Meghalaya

Meghalaya, which literally means abode of the clouds is one of the incredible Seven Sisters in the north-eastern part of India. It is comfortably tucked between Bangladesh in the South and the Brahmaputra valley in the North. Blessed with natural beauty, Meghalaya is famous for its deep gorges, roaring waterfalls, living bridges and outrageously friendly people.  The living root bridge at Kundengrim, the historic Nartiang Monoliths and the hot-air balloon ride over the Meghalayan green fields must definitely be on the bucket list of a Gemini.





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