Town In Italy Uses Silent Fireworks As A Way Of Respecting Animals

    Under 140 Characters

    A tiny little town in Italy is taking a big step forward to respect their wildlife and use silent fireworks as celebration.

    What Is It?

    The local government of Collecchio introduced a law that fireworks in their town must be silent. It helps reduce the dear induced on animals and the stress caused by a barrage of loud noises. Where can you get silent fireworks from you ask? A company called Setti Fireworks makes silent explosives. In fact, they even customise orders.

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    Fireworks are about the light display more than the sound anyway! So if we can do our bit to add just a small bit of peace into this world, then why shouldn’t we?

    The team of Curly Tales heartily cheers Collecchio – albeit silently 😉

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    Natasha Monteiro
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