Travel Experts Say You Should Never Book Your Holiday Online

by Kritika Kukreja
Travel Experts Say You Should Never Book Your Holiday Online

Under 140 Characters

Travel experts say that you should book your travel the old fashioned way rather than depending on travel websites.

What Is It?

The internet has us depending on it for everything possible and same goes for travel these days. Travel related apps, itinerary planning or travel booking websites give you extensive information of flights, trains, buses or hotels online, but travel experts say that isn’t the right way to book. 

Try going the old fashioned way and speaking to travel agents again. The more personalized your interaction with your travels, the better. You could even call up the hotel and ask them for reservations directly. 

How To Book?

The best way to go about it is call up the hotel or the airline to do your bookings. In usual cases, the travel agency or website takes a small commission for every booking and research finds that nearly 50% of flight seats or hotel rooms aren’t listed online at all! Because those bookings are up for grabs at extremely cheap prices but the hotels and flights only give them out without commissioned rates.

So all you have to do is avoid the middle party and get in touch with the people directly! Plus if you book directly, all the payment goes to the hotel/flight directly instead of third party accounts. And who knows? They might be ready to give you great upgrades now that you’re booking with them directly too!