You Can Now Get A Subsidised Holiday To The Andamans With This NGO

by Akriti Seth
You Can Now Get A Subsidised Holiday To The Andamans With This NGO

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Now you can travel to Andaman, stay their for a fortnight and more as do your bit for the world with this Marine-conservation NGO ReefWatch.

What Is It?

Wouldn’t you be just more than elated if you could head to Andamans for a vacation? Even better, you can work towards making it better and do your bit to the world.

Now I know you might be wondering how! Right?

NGO ReefWatch concentrates on marine conservation and has just curated experiences to turn your normal holiday to a volunteer project you can take up. Do you know what? You can learn diving as well!

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What’s In It?

The base for NGO ReefWatch is at the Chidiyatapu in the South Andamans. You can get involved in a number of activities that include research, education and management projects. With the coral reefs dying out due to weather changes and conditions, you can also do coral reef monitoring and artificial reef building.

Start your day with some snorkelling or diving and as the sun climbs up you can assist the NGO in their classes for village kids, log data from the day’s dives. You can also be of some help in cleaning up of the island. The evenings are submerged in fun-filled workshops and chat sessions on corals. Go for guided tours of the island and hikes as you know Andaman is a beautiful union territory.

Okay! The best part is that food and accommodation is subsidised while you can also learn diving. Your work hours have just got better because well, they don’t feel like work any more.

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About Programmes

They offer a number of programmes for different kinds of people depending on the amount of time one has. The options are as such:

  • General: Age: 18+ years. Help ReefWatch with their current projects. Time period: one week or longer. Swimming skills are not mandatory.
  • Dive Master Naturalist Program: Get certified as a professional diver and also get trained as an island ecologist. How much: Rs1.5 lakh–Rs2 lakh (includes food, accommodation, diving and training). Time period: 2-months. Excellent swimming skills required.
  • For schools and for corporates: Customised programmes as per the group agenda.

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When: 1 October–30 May; Though it is advised to do at least 2 to 4 weeks of normal volunteer programme.
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