Travelling By Train? You Can Now Pay Online For Food

by Shreya Ghosh
Travelling By Train? You Can Now Pay Online For Food

Travelling by train is an affordable mode of transportation and with Indian railways, travellers can travel to so many destinations all across the country. While travelling on a train you will have to spend a lot of time inside and of course, you will need food for that. Indian railways provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the passengers but if you want to eat something different from the train’s menu, there is an option for that as well and you can do everything online too.

You Can Now Pay Online For Food In Train

Indian railways have initiated a new option where passengers can place an order for food online. You can do it as well while travelling by train and order using the e-catering service of IRCTC. You can complete all the steps of ordering and pay online and within some time the food will be delivered to you. Presently there are 3 different ways to place an order of food while you are travelling by train. These ways are using the ‘e-catering website’, calling the number ‘1323’, and using the ‘Food on Track mobile application’.

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How To Place An Order On The E-Catering Website:

The process to order online is quite simple. All you need to do is follow some steps to place your order on the e-catering website of IRCTC.

  • Click on Visit the website and put your PNR number.
  • You will find a drop-down option and select your station accordingly.
  • On the basis of your location, you will get a list of restaurants. You can place your order from your preferred place.
  • Now simply complete the payment and you are done with ordering your food.
  • Soon you will receive a delivery code. Make sure to not delete it as you will need it while receiving your food delivery.

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There are some conditions to maintain while placing your order online.

  • You can place an order using the e-catering service only if you have a confirmed ticket. Also, you can place an order if your ticket is on the waiting list.
  • The service of IRCTC’s e-catering runs from 6 am to 10 pm.
  • There are many instances when the train enters the station late. And if you do not get your food delivered due to this delay, you will get your money back as a refund.