Travelling From UAE To Pakistan? Declare Your Currency First

by Ishita Agarwal
Travelling From UAE To Pakistan? Declare Your Currency First

According to Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority, the country has made cash reporting obligatory for all UAE passengers flying in and out of the country (PCAA). All citizens are subject to the order, which covers domestic and foreign money, precious stones, gold jewellery, and other forbidden products, including satellite phones and firearms. So, let’s find out more about this new policy in Pakistan. 

How Can You Declare Your Currency Before Travelling To Pakistan? 

If you are boarding from UAE then, before boarding the plane, you must complete the declaration form at the customs counter. No foreign traveller may board an aeroplane or depart the airport without completing the form.

According to Pakistani authorities, the new legislation is one of the steps to stop money laundering. Moreover, to fulfil the requirements, the Financial Action Task Force removed Pakistan from the watchdog’s “grey list.” After a site visit, the global monitor for illicit financial activity, FATF, will assess whether the nation belongs on the “grey list.”

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Automated Currency Declaration System In Pakistan 

The FBR built an automated cash declaration system under Imran Khan to increase digital transparency. This system came to track foreign cash flow at arrivals and departures digitally.

With the help of the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and the FIA, a computerised system came into work. In order to replace the manual currency declarations randomly collected from travellers at foreign airports. However, it is not yet know if the digital system will continue to operate or run in parallel.

So, if you plan to travel to Pakistan from UAE, don’t forget to declare your currency.

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