Travelling To Abu Dhabi On A Tourist Visa? Know The Latest Rules

by Shrestha Purkayastha
by Shrestha Purkayastha 351

There have been numerous adjustments in the travel requirements as a result of the Omicron concern. Uncertainty inevitably leads to a great deal of perplexity. You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re planning a trip to Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi changed its guest travel guidelines on January 23rd. The restrictions for vaccinated and unvaccinated tourists from nations on the green list and those not on the green list are as follows.

Travellers flying Into Abu Dhabi Who Have Been Vaccinated

1. Confirm that your vaccine is accepted in the UAE. Abu Dhabi accepts immunizations recommended by the World Health Organization and the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and Prevention Society.

2. Travellers must complete the Register Arrivals Form 48 hours prior to their departure date by downloading the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (ICA UAE Smart) app or going to All travellers will be required to authenticate their vaccination (or exemption) 48 hours before travelling on these platforms. Personal data, passport details, travel itinerary, Abu Dhabi location, and a copy of their immunisation certificate will be requested. Before embarking on the journey, these must be approved. Applications are processed by the Medical Committee in an average of 48 hours.

3. Obtain permission to fly. Travellers must take a PCR test 48 hours prior to departure and fly only if the result is negative.

4. When passengers arrive at Abu Dhabi International Airport, they will be required to do another PCR test (only children under 12 and individuals with official exemptions are exempt). This PCR test is free and can be completed at the terminal; results will be available in 90 minutes. Travelers are allowed to leave the airport and wait in their hotel for the findings.

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Travellers Who Have Not Been Vaccinated & Flying Into Abu Dhabi Should Be Aware Of The Following Information

1. The pre-flight procedures are the same in both cases. Travellers must take a PCR test 48 hours before departure and fly only if the test results are negative.

3. The same PCR testing rules apply when you arrive.

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What Are the Differences Between Green List and Non-Green List Countries in Terms of Rules?

1. If the unvaccinated traveller comes from a country on the green list, a second PCR test is required on days six and nine (the day of arrival is day one). They will not need to quarantine if the test is negative. If the test is positive, they must quarantine.

2. The unvaccinated tourist will be quarantined if they are from a country that is not on the green list. If their PCR test at the airport is negative, they can go to the hotel and be confined for 10 days. If they are positive, they will be given a wristband to wear during their 10-day quarantine period. Non-green list travellers, both positive and negative, must take a second PCR test at a Seha testing centre on day nine. If the tourist was previously positive and now shows a negative, they can remove their bracelet.

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Visitors Arriving from Other Emirate

1. Vaccinated travellers must show proof of full (dual) vaccination status in the form of a mobile app or a physical certificate from their home country.

2. If they were in the UAE, they must additionally present a negative PCR test result from within the last 14 days, or a negative 48-hour PCR test from their home country if they were not. Visitors who have not been vaccinated but have had a negative PCR test within the last 96 hours are allowed to enter.

3. International travellers coming to Abu Dhabi via Dubai or other emirates, both fully vaccinated and unvaccinated, must follow the same protocols as those arriving directly, plus a few additional on-ground protections.

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These include:

1. Obtain approval to fly. Depending on their destination country or airline, travellers may be required to take a PCR test within 48 hours of departure, with a negative result being required. Travellers should check official channels or airline restrictions before departing. People who must take the test before travelling can find information on the Emirates Airline website.

2. Create an account and share your personal details. To complete their Register Arrivals Form 48 hours before their trip date, download the ICA UAE Smart app or go to

3. Depending on the traveller’s departure country, a PCR test may be required upon arrival at Dubai International Airport or Sharjah International Airport. If they take the test at the airport, they must wait in their hotel until the results are obtained. If the test is positive, the tourist will be isolated and must follow the health authority’s rules in each emirate.

4. All passengers arriving in Abu Dhabi by car will be scanned by EDE mobile scanning equipment at the emirate’s entry point.

5. Vaccinated travellers must produce proof of full (dual) vaccination status via a mobile app or a physical certificate from their home country, as well as a negative PCR test result within the recent 14 days.

6. If the immunizations test negative, no additional testing or quarantine measures will be implemented in Abu Dhabi.

7. Tourists from green-list countries who travel through Dubai or the other emirates will not be required to quarantine once they arrive in Abu Dhabi.

If an unvaccinated visitor arrives in Abu Dhabi from a non-green list nation via Dubai or the other emirates, they will be put to quarantine for 10 days. They will be counted as part of the 10 days if they spend time in Dubai or other emirates before arriving in Abu Dhabi.

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Entry To Attractions In Abu Dhabi

To enter public attractions in Abu Dhabi, people will need to show proof of their full (double) vaccination status via their home country’s official vaccination certificate or their home country’s Covid-19 response mobile application, as well as a negative PCR test result obtained within the last 14 days, and a negative PCR test result obtained within the last 14 days. Tourists who have not been vaccinated will be denied entry to attractions, except for hotel rooms. People can use the UAE’s Al Hosn test and immunization app to prove their green status and gain access to malls and attractions in the emirate.

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What Are Abu Dhabi’s Isolation Rules?

According to a medical assessment, people who tested positive for Covid-19 must receive two negative PCR results 24 hours apart or conduct a PCR test on days eight and ten and spend ten days in isolation with no symptoms in the final three days of quarantine.

Those with mild or moderate symptoms or who do not have a chronic disease must retest in any health facility in the emirate while still isolating. If the test is positive, a specialist will contact the patient and guide them on how to complete the necessary isolation steps. Patients in these categories must also pass two negative PCR tests within 24 hours to be freed from isolation.

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