Tucked Away In Chikoo Town Amidst The Beaches Of Dahanu, The Bordi Heritage Homestay Is Where Time Stands Still

by Sanmita A
Tucked Away In Chikoo Town Amidst The Beaches Of Dahanu, The Bordi Heritage Homestay Is Where Time Stands Still

Beaches in Bordi’s Dahanu are pristine looking, and a fine addition to this mesmerizing setting is the Bordi Heritage Homestay. The Bordi Heritage Homestay dates back 150 years old with an old-world charm which you will be amazed by. It unapologetically wears the charm of the bygone era and welcomes visitors who wish to enjoy the vintage era vibes and have a delightful stay. The Bordi Heritage Homestay can host up to 8 people, with eloquent spaces and services.

The Bordi Heritage Homestay: A Hidden Gem In Dahanu

Bordi Heritage Homestay

Apart from the beautiful ambience and the beaches, the Bordi Heritage Homestay also has a large orchard consisting of fruit trees and vegetation. Visitors can take strolls in the orchard and even go fruit picking. The Homestay boasts of its kitchen preparations, mostly made of fresh produce from the gardens. Well, there is also a huge playground for the children, which big groups can totally use. The property is huge, and its facilities are of excellent quality. If you’re visiting the homestay, there are provisions for a barbeque while sitting in the open. This homestay will probably be one of the best places to stay if you are looking to unwind after hectic work schedules or looking for a fun family holiday.

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Activities & Excursions You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

The Homestay will allow you to explore and do more than just hang out at the property. There are significant things to do, like strolling around the town area, take a walk by the beach, watch the sunset, try Parsi cuisine, visit the Bahrot caves, heading to Udwada, and so much more. Starting from a small two-day stay to a one month vacation, you can plan your vacation to this homestay accordingly. However, check in with the homestay on the tariff, as they keep updating according to the season and time of the year.

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Cover Image Courtesy: The Bordi Heritage Homestay