Turkey Is Now Accepting e-Visa Application From China & 4 More Countries; Details Inside

by Deeplata Garde
Turkey Is Now Accepting e-Visa Application From China & 4 More Countries; Details Inside

Turkey is nowadays in the news for multiple reasons. But the topmost is visa news. Turkey e-Visa currently allows applications from citizens of China & other prominent countries in an effort to encourage tourism and strengthen connections. Let’s find out all the countries involved.

Turkey Opens e-Visa Applications For China & Other 4 Countries

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Turkey is a beautiful country to visit in the Middle East. And this country is leaving no chance to promote its tourism on a global scale. Be it by creating unique offers and amenities for a great vacation or accepting visas, Turkey is at its front foot to flourish.

Talking about accepting visas, Turkey has opened applications for e-visa for these 5 prominent countries in the world. The countries are China, Bahrain, The United States, South Africa and Canada. The Turkish government has started accepting e-visa requests from these specified nationals.

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Validity & More About This Visa

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This significant step will facilitate travel and strengthen connections between Turkey and these nations on a bilateral basis. Citizens can apply for either a standard visa or a Turkey eVisa, depending on the reason for their trip and how long they want to stay there. You could only enter Turkey with these visas for a maximum of three months. The Turkey eVisa is valid for numerous trips up until the expiration date. The Turkey eVisa can be used for both travel and business purposes.

Turkey has long been a favourite vacation spot for travellers from around the globe due to its rich history, diverse culture, and magnificent landscapes. There are many tourist destinations around the country, including well-known locations like the ancient city of Istanbul, the captivating landscapes of Cappadocia, and the undeveloped beaches along the Mediterranean coast. Turkey is enhancing its accessibility and welcoming visitors by enabling citizens of Bahrain, the United States, China, Canada, South Africa, and Canada to apply for visas.

After submitting an online application for an e-Visa to Turkey, visitors may anticipate that their request will be handled within 1-2 business days. Post the completion of the application, you will receive their Turkey eVisa via email.

So visit Turkey to explore the multiple beautiful facades of the country.

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