Twitter User Asks, “Name Of This Indian City”. Can You Name It?

by Shreya Ghosh
Twitter User Asks, “Name Of This Indian City”. Can You Name It?

India is known globally for its diversity, rich culture, heritage, and traditions. The country is so diverse that every state has something different and unique experiences to offer. Be it the festivals, the food, the lifestyle of residents, or the weather, every Indian city has something charming and new for everyone. The experiences get more special when it dates back decades and centuries ago. A Twitter user shared a photo of an Indian city that shows the old-school charm and aura surrounding it.

Do You Know Which Is This Indian City?

The official Twitter handle of indianhistorypics took to its official Twitter handle @IndiaHistorypic to share an old photo of an Indian city. As shared in the photo, it seems like a significant landmark of that place. Let’s take a look at the image.

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Here’s How The Tweeple Is Reacting To This Beautiful Photo Representing India’s Heritage!

Shared on 25 March 2023, Tweeple are pouring in their guesses in the comments of this tweet. The post right now has more than 370K views with over 3,600 likes. Netizens have already shared what they think the name of this Indian city is. Here’s how the Netizens are reacting!

A Twitter user named Prabhjyot Singh Madan shared that this Indian city is Kolkata. This is the Park Street & Russell Street crossing, also known as Queens mansion.

Another Twitter user named Dhiraj Gupta shared that an Armenian Businessman Johannes Galstaun built this building.

Most Twitter users are sharing that it is Kolkata. While some are guessing that it is the City of Joy, most are actually optimistic with their responses.

But Kolkata is not the only Indian city that the Twitterati is guessing. Some are even saying that it is a picture of the City of Dreams, Mumbai.

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What do you think? Which city is this?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ indianhistorypics (@IndiaHistorypic)