Twitter User Shares How McDonald’s In France Is Using Eco-Friendly & Reusable Cups And Containers

by Shreya Rathod
Twitter User Shares How McDonald’s In France Is Using Eco-Friendly & Reusable Cups And Containers

The food and beverage industry is growing at a rapid pace and with an increasing number of chefs, it will continue to expand. Besides a proper place for restaurants, the need to have an efficient packaging system is a must! And while we all love the convenient use-and-throw packages, they are not environment-friendly and contribute to huge garbage piles in dump yards. Choosing reusable and sustainable resources is what every restaurant should aim for. And that is exactly what McDonald’s France is doing. This Twitter user has shared his first experience with reusable tableware from the Quick Service Restaurant.

No More Disposable Packages At McDonald’s France!

A Twitter user Jim Magill has shared his experience of having a happy meal at McDonald’s in France. He tweeted the images of reusable tableware that included a fries holder and soda glass. Moreover, they are non-microwaveable as you can see on the label at the bottom of these cutlery items. Except for the burgers wrapped in paper, the rest of everything was reusable. This made the segregation of waste easy and made the meal look a little more interesting.

Apparently, the government of France has prohibited the use of single-use items and cutlery like forks and spoons, throwaway boxes and other such items in major QSR chains from January 1st 2023.

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Single-Use Item Banned In France

To promote sustainability and reduce waste items, the France government has raised a ban on the use of single-use items. That includes throwaway boxes, single-use cutlery items and so on. Those restaurants that serve more than 20 customers were supposed to start using reusable products.

In Quick Service Restaurants, the only food item to be served in disposable paper would be burgers and sandwiches. Anything other than that will be served in reusable containers or a tray. Moreover, the containers should be made with high-quality plastic that will last long.

The demand to use and throw items has been creating a huge pile of garbage and dump yards. And prohibiting them, specifically in QSRs, is a good way to limit the increase in waste.

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What do you think about such ideas being implemented in other countries as well?

Cover Image Courtesy: Jim Magill/ Twitter