UAE Expats To Row 5,000Km Across Atlantic Ocean That’s Tougher Than Climbing Everest

by Deeplata Garde
UAE Expats To Row 5,000Km Across Atlantic Ocean That’s Tougher Than Climbing Everest

People sometimes don’t consider rowing a serious activity. But Ocean rowing is a novel sport and it isn’t as easy as it looks. Ocean rowboats made for individuals, doubles, and fours are the most frequent. There are three brave men from UAE who are willing to cross the Atlantic ocean. The journey of crossing 5,000 km is going to be challenging.

Arabian Ocean Rowing Team Will Cross The Atlantic Ocean

Three seekers of adrenaline rush from the UAE are getting ready to shatter milestones.

The soon-to-be-concluded voyage will see Toby Gregory, James Raley, and Rai Tamagnini row a specially built boat across the Atlantic. They will start from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to Antigua in the Caribbean. The preps are currently going stronger than ever. The span is equivalent to the distance between Dubai and China.

In order to acquire the top position from the Emirates to ever effectively row across the second-largest ocean basin after the Pacific, UAE Men shall strive to do it. The mission will commence in a custom-built boat.

The length of an ocean wing boat is only 8 metres (26 feet), or less than two automobiles. The vessel is a result of reinforced fibreglass and is outfitted with all of the gear. The voyage can last upto 50 or 60 days hence the boat needs to possess sufficient things to support the life of the rowers.

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Aim To Build Environment Sustainable

There is an aim bigger than the imagination behind this initiative. The team will leverage the media surrounding the expedition to promote important causes. The list includes environmental sustainability at the top. They wish to In order to encourage the next generation to take on difficulties and encourage to pursue their aspirations. Hence they also intend to operate a programme in schools and universities. It takes great skill to cross the Atlantic. But the success of the aim will bear fruit for them.


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