UAE Has Been Declared The Social Media Capital Of The World & We Can’t Agree More!

by Anupriya Mishra
UAE Has Been Declared The Social Media Capital Of The World & We Can’t Agree More!

Are you someone who is always scrolling on your social media feed, getting updates about all the happening things your friends and family members are posting about? Well, if the answer is a resounding ‘yes,’ then you are not alone. We say this because recently a study mentions that the United Arab Emirates is the social media capital of the world! Here’s everything you need to know about this new place.

UAE Becomes The Social Media Capital!

Social Media Dubai
Pic credits: Pexels

Recently, a study published by Proxyrock named the United Arab Emirates as the social media capital of the world. According to a report by the Khaleej Times, this has been attributed to the fact that it is home to a massive number of social media influencers and businesses that are tapping into social media platforms to promote and sell their products. According to the said report, UAE scored a perfect 9.55 out of 10, thereby taking the top spot. This is hardly surprising as the UAE has an average score of 8.2 on social media platforms, which is the third highest in the world and they share this spot with the Philippines. Moreover, the UAE also has what is said to be the highest percentage of people with a Facebook account!

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UAE Is Also The Most Connect Country!

Middle Easr
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It’s worth mentioning that UAE is followed by Malaysia and the Philippines with both countries scoring 8.75 out of 10, Saudi Arabia at 8.41 out of 10, Singapore at 7.96 out of 10, Vietnam at 7.62 out of 10, and Brazil at 7.62 out of 10. As it happens, the UAE also emerged as the most connected country by scoring a whopping 7.53 out of 10. On this list, they were followed by Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Chile, and Saudi Arabia. However, coming to the best internet access, the UAE stood in the fourth spot after South Korea, Hong Kong, and Denmark.

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