UAE Records Torrential Rains After 75 Years; Flights Diverted, Gigs Postponed, Metro Affected; Netizens Share Experiences!

Dubai Drenched! Unprecedented rainfall recorded in 75 Years.

by Deeplata Garde
UAE Records Torrential Rains After 75 Years; Flights Diverted, Gigs Postponed, Metro Affected; Netizens Share Experiences!

Dubai is experiencing a weather phenomenon unlike anything seen in over seven decades. The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has confirmed that the UAE is currently facing its heaviest rainfall in 75 years, surpassing all records since data collection began in 1949. These torrential UAE Rains have disrupted flights, gigs and routines of Emiratis.

A Record-Breaking Rainfall In Dubai, UAE

From 9pm on Monday, April 15, to 9pm on Tuesday, April 16, the UAE witnessed an unprecedented deluge of rain, marking the most substantial rainfall ever recorded within 24 hours. The downpour continued past Tuesday night, causing significant disruptions across the country.

 Disrupted Flights And Closed Schools Due To UAE Rains

Dubai’s major international airport was forced to divert numerous incoming flights on April 16, with operations suspended for 25 minutes due to the heavy rain. The impact rippled through flight schedules, leading to delays and cancellations affecting destinations such as India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom. Schools were shut down, and traffic ground to a halt as vehicles found themselves stranded on flooded streets.

What Is The Reason Behind This Heavy Rainfall & Thunderstorm?

The heavy rainfall in Dubai, which resulted in widespread flooding, was partly attributed to cloud seeding—a technique used to enhance precipitation. In Al Ain’s Khatm Al Sahkla area, a staggering 254mm of rainfall was recorded in less than 24 hours, exacerbating the situation.

Coping With The Aftermath: Remote Work and Business Closures

In response to the weather crisis, remote working and learning regulations were enforced on April 16 and 17, as businesses and educational institutions grappled with the aftermath of the deluge. Flydubai, a prominent airline, temporarily suspended all departing flights from Dubai until Wednesday morning due to the adverse weather conditions. People are choosing to float around using tubes and paddles.

UAE Rains Caught Netizens Off Guard

Social media platforms buzzed with updates and reactions to the unprecedented rainfall. Videos circulated depicting cars swept off roads and the collapse of shop ceilings in flooded malls. The disruption even extended to the emirate’s metro system, causing further chaos. They even compared Dubai to Mumbai as the rains witnessed were unusual.

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The Asian Champions League football semi-final between Al Ain and Al Hilal was postponed by 24 hours due to the inclement weather, underscoring the far-reaching consequences of the heavy rains.

The community took to social media to share their experiences and concerns amidst the chaos. From tales of resilience to frustration over disrupted routines, the people of the UAE shared a range of emotions as they navigated through the aftermath of the historic rainfall.

Cover Image Courtesy: Dr Rahul Baxi,Gary Gensler (Parody)/X

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