Heavy Rains In Delhi Delays Flight To Dubai; Other Flights Impacted Due To Unstable Weather

by Deeplata Garde
Heavy Rains In Delhi Delays Flight To Dubai; Other Flights Impacted Due To Unstable Weather

The Indian capital city has been experiencing heavy rains since morning and many flights have been impacted due to this turbulent weather change. Delhi Airport has many flights waiting at the apron and can’t depart due to this unstable weather. A flight to Dubai was also delayed due to this reason. Let’s find out what’s the situation at Delhi Airport currently.

Delhi-Dubai Flight Delayed By An Hour Due To Heavy Rains

The travellers have been encouraged by airport officials to call the airlines for the most recent flight information.
Additionally, an aircraft from Delhi to Dubai was 35 minutes late. The flight took off at 8.20 a.m. (IST), one hour later than when it was scheduled to. Now that it has taken off, flight SG 011 must have reached its destination.

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Over 60 Flights Were Delayed From Delhi Airport

Due to severe rain and adverse conditions, 60 aircraft were delayed. Four flights from different places that were headed to Delhi were diverted to Jaipur, according to airport officials on Saturday. Due to rain and bad weather on Saturday, flight operations at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport were also hampered. For the most recent flight information, the airport officials advise contacting the airlines.

On Saturday morning, severe rains, thunderstorms, and blustery winds were experienced in some areas of Delhi-NCR.

The harsh climatic conditions might provide temporary relief from the sweltering heat that is now prevalent over North India.

Rain and thunderstorms were expected in Delhi and the adjacent areas on Saturday morning, according to the India Meteorological Department.

In addition, the meteorological service forecast rain in Delhi for the following two to three days and no heat wave till May 30.

Delhi NCR was surrounded by dense dark clouds in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Along the heavy rains, came power cuts and strong winds that defended people from coming out. The entire scenario was really challenging for residents to deal with. The flight delays were just one of the misfortunate incidents that happened due to this unstable weather.

Did you experience flight delays due to heavy rains?

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