UAE Residents Looking To Extend Their Vacay As Airfares Drop By 30% This Month, Say Travel Agents

by Anupriya Mishra
UAE Residents Looking To Extend Their Vacay As Airfares Drop By 30% This Month, Say Travel Agents

The schools are opening in a few weeks, and as it happens, a lot of people are looking to take a short vacation with the entire family. However, since the holiday rush is long over, airfares have reduced by 30%, at least according to the travel agents. Here’s what they have to say about the travel trends for UAE residents in the month of August.

Airfares Drop By 30% For UAE Residents, Say Travel Agent

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According to a recent report by Khaleej Times, it was revealed that airfares have dropped by nearly 30%. Yes, travel agents have opined that they have noticed that airfares in the month of August have reduced, and have in turn made travel packages more affordable. So, these lower travel costs and airfares have encouraged residents to either continue their vacation or extend their breaks. The report mentioned travel agents quoting that UAE residents are embarking on an extended vacation journey, encouraged by the reduced airfares and affordable travel packages.

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What Are The Travel Trends For UAE Residents In August?

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Since the price for holiday packages have reduced, many people are pressuring packages with an average, budget between AED3,500 to 4,500 per person for a duration of five to six nights. As 80% of travellers are planning their family vacations, they want a family-oriented travel experience. Many others are preferring to travel to their hometowns during the first month of the summer vacation. And now as most of them have returned, they are taking on another short trip with their family before the schools reopen.

Moreover, some travel agents have also mentioned that there’s been quite a shift in the way people holiday now! Since people generally prefer to take a vacation in their home country, now people are opting for at least two leisure trips, which include visiting their loved ones as well.

On a concluding note, besides the demand for affordable luxury, travellers in the UAE are also looking for cultural immersion, adventure sports, and eco-friendly experiences for a unique vacation.

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