UAE Residents Urged To Cut Water Use By 50% As A National Security Issue

Water Use
by Deeplata Garde 620

UAE is one of the world’s most water-scarce countries. The country, however, has one of the world’s highest water use rates in the world. It’s 550 litres per day, hence need to cut water use. The country is witnessing significant population growth, which has resulted in a massive demand for water. The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority chairman underlined that water security is a national security concern for the UAE.

UAE Needs To Cut Water Use As A National Security Issue

The DEWA head made his statement at Water Business Forum at Expo 2020 Dubai. About 40% of the world’s population fall prey to water scarcity. It is one of the seven priority areas of the National Innovation Strategy and a national security problem for the UAE. The UAE Water Security Strategy 2036 intends to secure the sustainable availability of water in both everyday and emergency situations. It’s vital to address future water security concerns to ensure that everyone has access to water in the long run. The constant extraction of groundwater will be responsible for the depletion of water resources in the UAE. Hence the government is urging people to cut water use.

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Sustainability Goals

Water usage will decrease by 21% and treated water reuse will increase. This plan falls under the Water Security Strategy 2036 plan. They’re also looking at ways for each resident to minimise their water usage by half. In case you hear announcements to cut water use, get ready to save.
Finally, the UAE is planning to build a massive water storage facility. This initiative will keep water pure and safe for lengthy periods of time in the event of a major disaster.

Firstly the government has to raise its water productivity index to $110 per cubic metre. Ultimately they require to lower the water scarcity index, enhance treated water reuse to 95%. And finally, expand national water storage capacity to two days.


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