Uber To Introduce Flying Taxis In Your City!

by Kritika Kukreja
Uber To Introduce Flying Taxis In Your City!

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Uber will soon be introducing UberAIR flights in your city and the operations to begin by 2023. 

What Is It?

After being a success in USA, UberAIR plans to introduce flying taxis in India by 2023. Metropolitan cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad are already selected for this venture, but if you feel your city could benefit with flying taxis, you can apply! There’s a specific criteria to qualify for flying taxis in every city, so if your city matches with the criteria, you can have it too.

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What’s The Criteria? 

Uber claims that the flying taxis will be introduced in any Indian city having a population of over 2 million with 2000 people per square mile. Any city that doesn’t have a great deal of fluctuation in temperature but faces a great deal of traffic congestion and the city with an airport at least an hour away from the main city center. 

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