Unique Jalebi Made On Wood Furnace In Rajasthan’s Karauli Costs ₹120/Kg; Served Even At Night

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Unique Jalebi Made On Wood Furnace In Rajasthan’s Karauli Costs ₹120/Kg; Served Even At Night

A unique Jalebi from Jodhpur has been brought to Rajasthan’s Karauli by Panchiram. Within a few days, Jare’s jalebis had the city’s residents raving about their delicious and distinctive flavor. The biggest speciality of these jalebis is the way it is made and also the fact that it is served at night. Here’s more about this unique jalebi. 

Unique Jalebi Sold In Rajasthan’s Karauli


Panchiram Jalebi, in just one month has become so well-known among people that they seem to have forgotten the flavors of the many other jalebis. This is because of its two unique specialities. 

A wooden kiln is used to make this jalebi. The sugar syrup is also made in this kiln, according to Panchiram, who brought the flavor of jalebi to Karauli from Jodhpur 10 days ago.

This jalebi is also very well-known here because this delicious sweet is served at night as well. Yes, it is a big deal here as Jalebi and Kachori are only enjoyed in Karauli during the day and for a short period of time rather than at night. 

However, the residents of Karauli are now experiencing jalebi for the first time late at night. Of course nothing like hot piping jalebis at night. 

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No Compromise On Quality


The jalebi is sold at 60 to 70 kg of jalebi from 11 am to 10 pm. The cost of this jalebi, according to Panchiram, is 120 per kilogram.

Rahul Parashar, who arrived late at night to try this jalebi for the first time, declared it to be quite amazing. At Karauli, they’ve never had Jalebi quite like this. After relishing it, he realized how unique this jalebi is. 

Rajesh Kumar Sharma says that he has been enjoying it on a daily basis for about five days since it arrived.

Jalebis are readily accessible throughout the day in numerous locations, including at Karauli. But nowhere in Karauli will you find a Jalebi with the sweetness and size like this. The quality of this jalebi is what makes people repeatedly come to relish it here in Rajasthan’s karauli.  (as per Log news)

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