5 Unique Spa Experiences In Mumbai For 2019


When I say the word ‘relaxation’, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Well, if you think the way I do then your mind most likely veered to the thought of getting a full-body massage. Nothing feels as good as someone working out the knots and tension from your body. With the kind of hectic lifestyle that we lead nowadays, we deserve a visit to the spa every once in a while. But does just a massage cut it? We all want to get a treatment that has something unique about it.

In this episode of CT’s Best we bring you a list of some of the unique spa experiences in Mumbai that you might not have tried yet. From heated candle massage to a grape wine body wrap to an interesting salt therapy session and much more, these massages are sure to leave you absolutely refreshed.

1. Herbal Poultice Treatment At The Four Seasons Spa, Worli

We started off our first treatment with the Herbal Poultice Treatment at the luxurious spa at The Four Seasons Hotel. Applying ayurveda to our therapy, the treatment begins with a foot massage which is followed by a hot poultice. The herbal poultice is made using 10 different Himalayan herbs and is the most holistic treatment you can get out there. The poultice is dipped in camphor and ayurvedic oil before it is applied to the pressure points of the body. And post this, you also get to spend time in the sauna, steam, jacuzzi and the relaxation room. Talk about a whole package!

Address: Four Seasons Spa, 1, 136, Dr E Moses Rd, Gandhi Nagar, Upper Worli, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400018
Contact: 022 2481 8000
Cost: ₹12,000 (exclusive of taxes)

2. Body Wrap At Quan Spa By JW Marriott, Juhu

At the Quan Spa by JW Marriott, it is all about vinotherapy. What’s that, you ask? They use a paste made using grape wine extract, grape oil and seeds which is rubbed on your body. Post which you are wrapped in a plastic sheet and then a thick blanket for 20 minutes. This helps in generating heat and removing all those dead cells that you have been accumulating. You will honestly feel lighter after this treatment, right after you have indulged in the steam, sauna and jacuzzi.

Address: Quan Spa,  JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu
Contact: 022 6693 3610
Cost: ₹6,200 (exclusive of taxes)

3. Heated Candle Massage At The Thai Spa, Multiple Outlets

Probably one of the most unique treatments out there, the heated candle massage at The Thai Spa is quite the treat. We generally associate scented candles with massages and meditation but what if you used candles on your body? I know it sounds scary but you needn’t worry. At the Thai Spa they used candles that turn the wax into an oil as soon as they are lit. The oil is then poured on your body and rubbed into your skin. The heat is bearable and the oil is infused with almond, soy and black pepper wax which helps in relaxing the body.

Address: Multiple outlets
Cost: ₹3,540 (exclusive of taxes)

4. Salt Therapy At Salt Escape, Fort

Imagine being in a room full of salt and relaxing in it. At Salt Therapy, you can do just that. Using micronized dry salt, the therapy which is also known as halotherapy helps people with respiratory issues and skin conditions. The salt seeps into your skin as you breathe it in. The room is packed with 2.6 tonnes of salt. Can you even begin to think how much salt that is? However, do make sure that you consult with a doctor before going in for this treatment.

Address: Salt Escape, Hanuman Building, Ground Floor, 300 Perin Nariman Street Behind Old Reserve Bank, Horniman Circle, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
Contact: 022 2269 0034
Cost: ₹1,400 (exclusive of taxes)

5. Reflexology At Mettaa Spa, Bandra

Unlike other spas, the Metta Spa in Bandra has visually-impaired staff who are masters in the art of reflexology. More often than not, disabled individuals tend to be shunned at workplaces but not at the Metta Spa. The owner herself has trained the staff here and made them experts in their field. The treatment here is extremely humbling and you leave feeling physically and emotionally whole.

Address: Mettaa Spa, 81, Milagres House, Hill road, Bandra West, Opp. Holy Family Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050
Contact: 098705 99923
Cost: ₹400-500 (exclusive of taxes)

If this doesn’t motivate you to try out these unique spa experiences in Mumbai then we don’t know what we will.

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