US Man Creates His Own Country In Just ₹15 Lakh, Names It The Republic of Slowjamastan

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
US Man Creates His Own Country In Just ₹15 Lakh, Names It The Republic of Slowjamastan

While we all normally dream of buying our own house in a country, a US man created his own country. Yes, you read that completely right! A DJ, Randy “R Dub!” Williams has come up with his own country and named it “The Republic of Slowjamastan”. The man, who is a disc jockey by profession, said that he ran out of countries and so created his own. He created this country for just ₹15 lakh. 

Man Creates His Own Country, The Republic of Slowjamastan

Randy “R Dub!” Williams, a San Diego late-night “slow jams” DJ, has created his own ‘country’ in the United States. He calls himself “the Sultan of Slowjamastan.” 

Williams stated to CNN Traveller that after visiting nearly every country in the United Nations, he decided to establish his own country. He decided to buy an 11.07-acre plot of arid land in the California desert to establish a “country.” He bought this land for $19,000 (₹15,66,920) in October 2021. 

This new country has its own passports, flag, currency “the duble”, and national anthem that is played on official occasions.

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Bizarre Rules And Ambitions

The Republic of Slowjamastan has over 500 registered citizens, with another 4,500 in line for citizenship. In his country, Williams occasionally allows voting ceremonies. He mentioned that he gave the liberty to its citizens to vote on what should be the national sport, national animal, and national sport of Slowjamastan.

Crocs are not permitted in this country. Punishment for violation of this bizarre rule is that they will forcibly remove a “Croc” and beat you over the head with it,” the micronation’s website states. 

All citizens and visitors must understand the distinction between “your” and “you’re,” it continues. It is also forbidden to put one’s feet on the dashboard.

He intends to raise enough money to construct a lazy river, an armadillo farm, an all-you-can-eat Mongolian BBQ establishment, and, of course, a massive statue/monument of ‘The Great Leader’ of this country. (As per Live Mint and The Hindustan Times)

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Cover Image Courtesy: @therepublicofslowjamastan/website