Vatika Voices: Three Arab Women Who Dared To Live Their Dreams

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Vatika Voices: Three Arab Women Who Dared To Live Their Dreams

A woman can do everything she wants. Gone are the days where women were just confined to do household chores- they now do so much more than that. From being a Prime Minister to an Airforce Pilot, today, women have carved a nice for themselves with their hard work, excellence, determination and confidence. Women time and again have managed to shine like bright star in their field. 

And now it’s time to celebrate them! Curly Tales and Vatika team up to launch Vatika Voices- an initiative that sheds light on Emirati women who have made the world sit up and take note. Women in the region are more empowered and enabled than ever before and Vatika gives them that extra shine, balance and confidence with their natural range of products.

As a brand, Vatika has always helped women in realizing their personal beauty potential by creating products that deliver real care. Hair is an integral part of women and Vatika takes care of a woman’s outer beauty, thereby improving their confidence and letting them conquer the world in any endeavour they undertake.

Through this campaign, Vatika identifies Emirati women who set a territory for themselves. We’ve hand-picked three women who dared to live their dream. These women are surely ordinary, but their journey is definitely extraordinary.

1. Areej Al Hammadi

Areej Alhammadi is a female footballer on the UAE National Team. Recently, the 34-year-old was awarded a Guinness World Record for the most ‘hotstepper’ football tricks completed in one minute. After three weeks of strenuous training, Areej took the world record challenge in Mirdif, Dubai.

Areej’s football journey began at American University in Dubai before she moved on to the Dubai Women’s Football Association at Jebel Ali. She has been with the UAE team since 2015 and has also played two seasons at Abu Dhabi Club Al Wahda. Currently, she represents the Abu Dhabi Country Club. Apart from being a successful football player, Areej also works as a creative project manager.

2. Fahima Falaknaz

It’s not often that we hear of women boxers, but Fahima Falaknaz broke all the boundaries to become what she is today! At 36, Fahima is the first Emirati female boxer to represent the UAE. But she is not one to rest on her laurels. She has now joined Real Boxing Only gym in Al Quoz and is teaching a ladies-only boxing and fitness class. Fahima did not do much about her love for the tough sport until it was announced that female fighters would be allowed to wear hijab in international competitions. She seized the opportunity and became the first female to represent the UAE in boxing, where she competed in the Asian Boxing Confederation Championship in April 2019.

3. Tala Samman

There’s no better way to celebrate womanhood than to let loose and dance it out. Well, this DJ knows how to get a party started. Tala is a well-known name in UAE’s fashion scene, especially famous for her blog- Originally from Syria, born in the US and raised in Dubai, Tala lived in London for four years while studying at London College of Fashion.

While blogging was her passion, Tala also took an interest in DJing and also enrolled in classes to learn more about it. Soon, she started DJing for small events, and then went on to working with brands. She has aced the skill for over four years now. Tala has DJed for events such as Lewis Hamilton’s Championship’s Party in 2018 and the Electric Run party in 2016. 2018 also saw her opening for singer Dua Lipa’s concert in Abu Dhabi.

We see ourselves in Vatika as a catalyst that helps woman make their dreams real. Whoever and whatever you are, a champion or an influencer, or an entrepreneur, or just a person who’s walked her own path to make a better reality of hers, let your voice be heard. Tell us your story and inspire other women to have their own voices.