Supercharge Your Campus Experience With The Galaxy Ecosystem

Galaxy Ecosystem's revolutionary features effortlessly integrate to improve your college experience this semester

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Supercharge Your Campus Experience With The Galaxy Ecosystem

Samsung’s Back to Campus campaign offers premium Galaxy device discounts to students. The Galaxy Ecosystem effortlessly integrates devices to improve campus life, creativity, productivity, and efficiency. This timely initiative gives students tools to improve their studies and stay in touch with pals while studying.

Let’s see how the Galaxy Ecosystem’s revolutionary features effortlessly integrate to improve your college experience this semester.

Samsung Galaxy Ecosystem And Its Revolutionary Features

Sharing Is Simple With Quick Share

Samsung’s Quick Share simplifies Galaxy device content sharing. Quick Share immediately uploads uncompressed files via Wi-Fi, unlike other programs that compress files and reduce quality. It’s ideal for students who need to efficiently share study materials with friends or across devices by sharing huge files like photographs, videos, and documents across phones, tablets, and laptops.

Phone Link: Device Unification

Users may handle notifications, texts, and calls from their Galaxy Book with Phone Link. This function keeps pupils from checking their phones while studying. By combining these functions on their Galaxy Book, students can study more efficiently and reduce interruptions.

App Continuity — Pick Up Where You Left Off

App Continuity, a new feature, enables users to move Galaxy devices without losing app progress. Samsung Notes syncs notes between phones and tablets, so students may take notes on both.

One Keyboard And Mouse For Galaxy Devices

Students can utilize a Galaxy Book’s keyboard and mouse on numerous Galaxy devices using Multi Control. Galaxy tablets without keyboard covers benefit from this functionality, making navigation and productivity easier. It makes managing schoolwork and other duties easier when using a tablet and phone.

Second Screen—Double The Ease With Dual Display

Second Screen adds Galaxy tablet displays to Galaxy Books. Students who need extra screen area to organise study materials and work on complex art and design projects may benefit from this setup. The secondary display’s touchscreen makes content navigation and interaction easier.

Supercharge Your Notes Using Note Assist

Note Assist, part of Galaxy AI, auto-formats rough notes and summarises long ones. Students can collaborate on a Note document with this application, making it useful for group assignments and remote work.

Never Run Out of Data with Auto Hotspot

Auto Hotspot lets Galaxy users easily exchange data to meet daily data constraints. This feature lets a group of Galaxy devices automatically connect and share data for continuous access to internet resources and collaboration tools.

Auto Switch: Easy Audio Management

Galaxy Buds’ Auto Switch function lets them switch devices easily. This helps while switching between tasks, such as answering calls on a phone while watching videos on a tablet, and maintaining audio transitions.

Webcam On Phone: Better Video Calls

Samsung Galaxy phones provide great webcams for Galaxy Book4 notebooks, improving video calls. Students preparing for interviews or presentations can swap between front and rear cameras with this capability.

Pro-Grade Editing With Samsung Studio

Samsung Studio supports cross-device video editing. Students can edit on their phones and go to a bigger screen. With smooth editing transitions, this tool facilitates creative endeavours like social media and academic presentations.

Video Call Effects Improve Online Presence

The Samsung Video Call Effects app lets users modify their backdrops and stay focused in the frame, improving video calls. This function improves virtual communication with third-party video calling apps.

Samsung Back to Campus | Unmissable Deals

Through Samsung Student+, the Samsung Back to Campus campaign offers students deep savings on Galaxy devices. Offers include:

● Galaxy Book4 Pro 360 laptops from ₹1,53,990. 

● Galaxy Tab S9 from ₹60,999.

Free EMIs for 24 months, bank refunds of up to ₹12,000, and upgrade bonuses of up to ₹8,000 are also included. These deals are available on, select retail outlets and other online platforms. Students can join up for Samsung Student+ using their institute data to receive these benefits.

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