Vehicles With Red, Green & Yellow Stickers Can Move Around In Mumbai; Here’s How!

by Tania Tarafdar
Vehicles With Red, Green & Yellow Stickers Can Move Around In Mumbai; Here’s How!

Maharashtra has imposed lockdown-like curbs to break the chain of transmission and contain the spread of the virus. The government has allowed only essential services to run and private vehicles have been allowed to ply for emergency reasons and essential needs. However, Mumbai Commissioner issued a fresh set of guidelines for those travelling by their cars. According to the new rule, only vehicles with colour-coded stickers will be allowed to run on roads. The stickers will be indicative of the kind of services in the city premises. Here’s all you need to know.

Red Colour Sticker

Red-coloured stickers are for the vehicles of frontline workers, doctors, ambulances, hospitals, diagnostic centres, clinics, medical insurance offices, pharmacies, and other medical and health services. People supporting, manufacturing, and distributing medical units like vaccines, sanitisers, masks, raw material units, and support services can also get the red-coloured stickers.

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Green Colour Sticker

Green-colour sticker is for the vehicles used for the transport of food and eatable items such as groceries, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, bakery products and other raw and cooked food items. Can You Travel From Mumbai To Pune During Curfew Hours? All You Need To Know!

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Yellow Colour Sticker

Yellow-colour stickers are for the vehicles of officers and staff of central, state, and local governments. All public essential services by local authorities, public transport, media, water, electric and gas supply, services required for maintenance of telecom services, e-commerce, and private security services can ply on the roads with the yellow coloured sticker.

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Private vehicles can get the stickers from the local police stations, check nakas and toll nakas. Every essential vehicle must stick the sticker on both the front and the back. These orders will remain in force till May 1.