Victoria Beckham Has Eaten The Same Meal Every Day For 25 Years; Here’s What It Is

by Deeplata Garde
Victoria Beckham Has Eaten The Same Meal Every Day For 25 Years; Here’s What It Is

Food is a comforting language for almost everyone. Can you stick to one meal for the rest of your life for a healthy lifestyle? If you screamed no after reading this then continue scrolling to know a celeb who actually adopted this. Yes, we are talking about the ex spice girl, Victoria Beckham. Don’t trust our words? But you got to when you listen what her Husband, David Beckham stated about her food routine.

David Beckham Loves When Victoria Digs In His Plate

The Football Maestro and his kids feel overwhelmed with their food. But when it comes to Love for Food, Victoria and David are chalk and cheese. Victoria has been very loyal to her grilled fish and steamed veggies for 25yrs. And David on the other hand took up culinary classes to learn and cook more often. He treasures his ‘Me’ time especially to cook when his kids and wife are away.


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The only time that Victoria asked for a bite from David? She was pregnant with Harper. Pregnancy cravings can make you do stuff you never wished to! And David secretly loved it. But his happiness didn’t last long as Victoria never repeated the action.

What Is Victoria Beckham’s Comfort Food?

The fashion designer swears by her staple fish and veggies as said above. Victoria doesn’t enjoy her food dipped in sauces or oil & butter. She avoids red meat and dairy as well. Sources confirm that Mrs Beckham relishes a simple fruit cake on her birthday. And her comfort meal is a slice of whole-grain toast sprinkled with some salt.

David is a foodie who loves making people try different cuisines. But to his luck, he married a strong-headed woman who hardly deviate from her diet. David still hopes for history to repeat itself waiting for his wife to ask for a bite from his plate.