Video Of Canteen Staff Mashing Potatoes With Feet Leads To Protest By Students At Op Jindal University

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Video Of Canteen Staff Mashing Potatoes With Feet Leads To Protest By Students At Op Jindal University

A video from OP Jindal Global University’s mess was going viral on the internet. It featured a member of the kitchen staff crushing cooked potatoes with his feet and went viral on Tuesday. Students at India’s famous OP Jindal Global University were furious with the administration. Students have stopped eating at the school mess due to unsanitary conditions as a sign of protest against the management. 

Protest By Students At Op Jindal University

Credits: @OPJindalGlobalUniversity/Website

The majority of pupils and parents claim that this is not a one-off incident and that sanitary conditions have been appalling for a number of years.

The private university, OP Jindal Global University (JGU), has written to students and their parents to reassure them that it treats food preparation with “extreme seriousness” in response to the widespread distribution of a video showing a worker stamping on what appears to be a jar of potatoes in the mess of JGU.

In a note dated August 28, the registrar stated that they had treated a matter involving the preparation of food by a food service firm very seriously. They have made sure that no JGU students or employees will consume the food material. Also, they have immediately issued a show-cause notice to the company’s CEO, requesting a formal justification and assurances regarding this situation. 

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Taken Suggestions Into Account

Credits: @OPJindalGlobalUniversity/Website

The note by the registrar said that the officials of OP Jindal Global University will treat this matter with the strictest action against the culprit. 

They also visited the dining areas and kitchen to ensure that corrective measures were taken. It is stated that they also held meetings with stakeholders, which included students, to discuss this. 

They also discussed the matter with the top leadership in food service. The university mentioned that they have taken all the suggestions from the student council into account. They have promised to work on all the suggestions to give students food services that meet the highest standard of food safety.  (As per The Times Of India)

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Cover Image Courtesy: @OPJindalGlobalUniversity/Website