Vidya Balan Talks About Her First Pay Cheque, And It Was Related To Travel

Vidya Balan only had to give a big smile for her first paycheck!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Vidya Balan Talks About Her First Pay Cheque, And It Was Related To Travel

Vidya Balan’s talented acting and her cute laughter are winning people’s hearts! She got extremely candid about her life, films, love story, travel stories and more with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. Upon conversing, we got to know about her first paycheck and what went on behind the scenes. Seems like she was born to pose in front of the camera. Read on to know what her first paycheck was for. 

Vidya Balan Shared Her Smiley Story For Her First Pay Cheque

Vidya Balan’s first paycheck is a tremendous accomplishment for her. Well, everyone’s first paycheck is an immense accomplishment but all she had to do for it was to smile. When we asked her about this she told us that it was for a print ad for Kerala Tourism!

She was required to pose for a family photo among enormous coconut palms for a Kerala Tourism poster. It was to promote tourism in Kerala. Vidya Balan remembered that it was shot in Kalina and she received ₹500 for this advertisement.

She was ecstatic to get paid so much for only grinning and posing for a picture! Little did she know that she would be in the show biz and get paid for acting and smiling in front of the paparazzi. Also, her first paycheck was the culmination of her two favourite things, travel and a camera! The universe truly does have its ways!

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She Gets Hangry Very Easily

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Hangry is when you are extremely hungry and can’t control the hunger which ultimately makes you angry at each and everything. Vidya Balan told us that she becomes very irritated when she is hungry. “I get hangry very easily by the way,” she told us and in return, Kamiya replied that Curly Tales made sure that she wouldn’t be hangry and she smiled. Then went on to munch on some really yummy caramel popcorn.

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If you want to know what she indulged in during this episode with us, then watch the entire video linked above.

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