Vidya Balan Was Replaced In A Total Of 12 Films! And The Reason Is Unbelievable!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Vidya Balan Was Replaced In A Total Of 12 Films! And The Reason Is Unbelievable!

Our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, met with Vidya Balan on this entertaining Sunday Brunch episode. We were astonished to see Vidya on the big cinema screens and in the halls because her new film, Neeyat’s, had posters lined up. It is her first film screened in cinemas after the pandemic years. Did you know that there was once a time when she was replaced in 12 films, to be exact? Apparently, she was considered a jinx by the film industry. Well, we discussed all that and more with her. In this episode, we feasted on delicious sushi, caramel popcorn, pizza, and other foods. To learn more about her life, watch the video linked below.

Vidya Balan Got Replaced In 12 Films

Vidya Balan told us that she auditioned for a part with a renowned Malayalam producer named Mohanlal and even got the part. For around nine to ten days, she went on to shoot for it. After that, on personal grounds, the film’s director and Mohanlal had a fallout, so they shelved the film. Meanwhile, Vidya Balan went on to sign for many other Malayalam films. Unfortunately, she was replaced in all of these films. 

The word got out that the reason Mohanlal’s film got shelved was because they cast Vidya as the new element. In hindsight, the director and Mohanlal had done a bunch of films together and they were blockbusters, but it was only the one where she was cast.

She was termed a jinx; therefore, her period of rejection started with a silly reason. Vidya wasn’t even probably jinxed but she had to face the consequences. She told us that she had gone to Chennai for a shoot and the producer mentioned to the director, “I heard she is jinxed. We shouldn’t take her in the film.” Vidya went on to say that the director was rather sweet and they went on to shoot for a couple of days but she later got replaced again.

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To Overcome The Period Of Rejection, She Visited This Temple

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Anyone would lose patience and become annoyed if they were rejected repeatedly. Similarly, Vidya became irritated with this situation after a while because any form of rejection becomes tough to handle. She claimed that she wasn’t even to blame for the bad treatment she was receiving.

Therefore, Vidya diligently prayed for a better outcome during this low period of her life. She frequently visited the Sai Baba Temple in Chembur. Even her family provided her with a lot of support throughout this time, and so did Sai Baba. Now, she delivers hits on hits and is the iconic Vidya Balan she is. We couldn’t be happier for her!

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