Vijay Varma Explains How He Knows A Lot About Sindhi Cuisine

by Mallika Khurana
Vijay Varma Explains How He Knows A Lot About Sindhi Cuisine

Bollywood is seeing a huge influx of talented actors who are sweeping the audience and the industry off their feet with incredible performances. Vijay Varma is undoubtedly one of the actors who gained recognition for his work in Pink, Gully Boy, Darlings, and other films. On one of our special Sunday Brunch editions, he made an appearance alongside our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani and Sonakshi Sinha, his co-star from the film Dahaad. Watch this exciting episode now!

Vijay Varma Knows All About The Sindhi Cuisine

We made the decision to test their knowledge of each other’s cuisines in order to make our conversation with them more interesting. Sonakshi is of Sindhi descent, whereas Vijay is of Rajasthani descent. They had to correctly identify the primary ingredients in a few dishes from each other’s cuisine. Well, we learned a lot about the mysterious master chef who was hiding inside Vijay Varma, thanks to the intriguing way in which this game played out. 

He not only knew all about Rajasthani dishes and how each of them was made, but he also knew plenty about Sindhi food. From Sindhi kadi to tariyal patata, he knew all the ingredients for every Sindhi dish. Honestly, he left us really surprised. His knowledge about Sindhi food was so elaborate, we asked him how this happened. While we guess he had a Sindhi ex-girlfriend who taught him all about it, he shared that he grew up with Sindhi best friends.

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They Shared About Their First-Ever Jobs

Vijay Varma Sunday Brunch
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It was time for some food after a long discussion about it. As we savoured every dish in front of us, we discovered that Sonakshi loves dahi puri and Vijay feels the same way about pani puri. We asked Sonakshi Sinha and Vijay Varma about their first jobs and salary as we devoured everything in front of us. Sonakshi’s first job involved seven days of hustling at Lakme Fashion Week. On the other hand, Vijay disclosed that he had a month-long job at a gas station in Hyderabad.

To know about all the interesting revelations made in this episode, check out the full video!

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