Vikas Khanna: “Pyaar” Makes Any Dish Chatkedar

He absolutely loves to indulge in chatkedar food and doesn't shy away from spicy dishes!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Vikas Khanna: “Pyaar” Makes Any Dish Chatkedar

Celebrity chef Vikas Khanna is absolutely in love with food and we are in love with him! He skillfully dons numerous hats, from being an author and chef to owning multiple restaurants and so much more. We were in awe of him when he met our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani for this episode of Tere Gully Mein to explore the lanes of Bandra East. We talked about his childhood, New York struggles, MasterChef India and many more amusing yet fascinating matters. Click on the video linked below to learn some secrets about this lovely Indian chef.

Vikas Khanna Thinks Pyaar Is The Ingredient To Make Any Dish Chatkedar

While we were waiting for our mouthwatering Chinese food to arrive at Chef’s Platter, Bandra East, we played a fun game with Vikas. It was called ‘Chatkara with Hajmola’ and upon revealing it, our guest recalled Kamiya holding a couple of Hajmola packets before. Hmm, seems like Vikas has very tikhi nazaren!

We obviously had food-related questions lined up for him and Kamiya asked what is that one thing that completely transforms any dish to “chatkedar”. He only had a one-word answer for this and we were impressed. He answered, “Pyaar!” We would love to enjoy a plate full of pyaar wala chatkedar food made by you, Vikas!

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Kamiya’s Daughter And Vikas Had The Same Dishes For School Tiffin

Vikas Khanna
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We were curious to know what was Vikas’s standard school lunch. He shared that it always used to be a typical Punjabi tiffin consisting of paronthi and achaar. As soon as Kamiya heard about this tiffin combo, she was excited.

She told him that she packed her daughter, Ziana’s tiffin with the same dishes. Ziana has a Sindhi mom, Kamiya, and a Punjabi dad, Sammar Verma. Hence, she relishes both kinds of cuisine. Did you also have this combination during your school days?

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Let us know in the comments section what makes any food chatkedar, according to you.

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