Vikrant Massey Shares What He Loves For Lunch And We Love It Too

by Mallika Khurana
Vikrant Massey Shares What He Loves For Lunch And We Love It Too

Gone are the days when every basic movie became a blockbuster only because it had a popular actor playing the hero in it. Today, the audience knows how to appreciate good content and great actors. Such evolution in Bollywood has given rise to many young talents who have never failed to impress us with their talent and hard work. With back-to-back great performances in many movies and web series, actor Vikrant Massey has proved his worth in the industry.  He joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, and Siddharth Ambalayan on the Sunday Brunch X The Bombay Journey episode.

This Is What Vikrant Massey Enjoys For Lunch

During our exciting conversation with Vikrant Massey, he shared quite a bit about his recent co-stars Sara Ali Khan and Taapsi Pannu. He talked about Taapsi’s unwavering hard work and Sara’s never-ending wit. He even shared that all of Sara’s lunches are the same. With homemade chicken curry and rice, she enjoys lots of salads. 

He even pointed out the perks of his metabolism. He can eat quite a bit without worrying about his weight. Next, we wanted to know what his lunch looked like. Quite like Sara’s, his lunches are also broadly fixed. He likes to have dal and rice with a different sabzi every day. Nothing beats the comfort of a basic home-cooked meal. 

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Kamiya Jani And He Reminisced About Their College Days

Vikrant Massey Sunday Brunch
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In our conversation with Vikrant Massey, we learned that both Kamiya and he received their degrees from the National College of Technology in Mumbai. Like old friends, they reconnected and caught up on all the details of their undergraduate years. Given that they are both such big foodies, they talked about all the famous eateries near the campus. 

The Schezwan fried rice from Ravi’s stand and the Raghu Jay Sandwich Shop next to the college were loved by both of them. When Kamiya asked him which of those sandwiches was his favourite, he said that he preferred the chilli cheese toast. He also recalled the sugarcane juice stand next to the sandwich shop. 

He then went into great detail about his future travel intentions, and we could completely connect with them. To learn what they are, watch the episode!

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