Vir Das Asks Zepto To Stop Their Flirty Notifications; Netizens Say, “Bro Is Getting Hit On By Zepto!”

Vir Das took to Instagram to share a screenshot of all the punny notifications shared by Zepto and the grocery-delivery app has the most hilarious reply to it.

by Tashika Tyagi
Vir Das Asks Zepto To Stop Their Flirty Notifications; Netizens Say, “Bro Is Getting Hit On By Zepto!”

Food and grocery delivery apps have made our lives so much easier. However, their notifications can be hilariously annoying! And looks like Vir Das agrees with us on this! Vir Das took to Instagram to share a screenshot with notifications from Zepto and they’re downright funny and flirty. Zepto’s official Instagram page responded to Vir’s post and their reply was even more hilarious.

Vir Das Asks Zepto To Stop With Their Punny Notifications


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Vir Das took to his Instagram to share a screenshot featuring hilarious notifications by quick commerce app, Zepto. These notifications can be simply classified as hilarious and flirty and Vir added a caption, “Zepto. Stop 😂” to the post.

In one of the notifications, the Zepto app had called him “paneer” for being soft on the inside and outside. In another, they called him “beautiful” while advertising for some cookies. In yet another flirty notification, they asked him if he was flirty because they deliver water, cold drinks, and juices in under 10 minutes! Okay, we understand why Vir was annoyed and still laughing while posting this!

The best part of the post for us had to be Zepto’s response to this post. Zepto’s official Instagram account replied to Vir’s post and commented, “No more flirting with Vir. You’ve been telling everyone about us 🫠.” Someone give their social media team a raise already!

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Netizens React To The Hilarious Notifications In The Post

phone notification
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Of course, the Internet had a few things to say about this! While many people thanked Vir Das for calling out the flirty notifications of Zepto, others pointed out that there are other apps that send similar punny notifications as well. Many even pointed out how Vir could simply turn off the notifications to avoid them, but that definitely would be no fun!

Vir Das Zepto

vir das zepto

vir das zepto

People in the comments even called out Zomato and Swiggy for similar flirty and annoying notifications.


We, for one, can’t wait for Vir Das to make a comedy special about all the hilarious notification messages that food and grocery delivery apps send up every day! What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments!

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