Viral Video: Is It A Bear? Or A Human? Hangzhou Zoo In China Has To Explain

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Viral Video: Is It A Bear? Or A Human? Hangzhou Zoo In China Has To Explain

Log in to social media, and you will find numerous viral videos. Some are true, some are false. As they say, eyes can deceive too; there are many videos that do look like something, but the real story behind them is completely different. Something similar happened with a viral bear video from Hangzhou Zoo in China, and netizens questioned the authorities about whether the bear was a human or not. Here is what the authorities said!

Hangzhou Zoo In China Explains About The Viral Video

Bears frequently stand on their hind legs to get a better perspective of their environment. Pictures and videos of one of the sun bears at the Hangzhou Zoo, a species of bear found in southeast Asia, standing at the edge of its enclosure with its fur hanging above its legs sparked claims that the bear might actually be a zoo employee hiding in plain sight.

A zoo representative claimed the animal was real and that a state-run facility would never try to mislead the public in an audio clip that has been making the rounds on WeChat. The representative added that a person wearing a bear suit would not survive more than a few minutes in temperatures that could reach 40 °C (104 °F) in the summer.

According to a zoo employee, visits for the media to observe the sun bears up close were being planned. (As per Independent)

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Tourists Flock To The Zoo

A video of one of the zoo’s bears went viral, prompting some netizens to speculate that the bear might actually be a staff member dressed as a bear. As a result, visitors are pouring into the zoo in Zhejiang province, eastern China, local media said on Tuesday.

Since a video of the Malayan or Sun bear named Angela became a popular topic on Chinese social media over the weekend, the number of visitors to the Hangzhou Zoo has increased by 30% to about 20,000 per day, according to the Zhejiang province-based Chao News. 

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