Viral Video: Baby Eats Kiwi Slice For The First Time, Gives Hilarious Reaction But Does Not Give Up

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Viral Video: Baby Eats Kiwi Slice For The First Time, Gives Hilarious Reaction But Does Not Give Up

I am sure you all love baby videos. I mean, the internet is full of cute, funny, and sweet videos of little innocent babies that can make us smile all day. Many of these videos go viral, and their cuteness makes us want to watch them again and again. One such viral video is of a little baby trying to eat a kiwi slice for the first time. The baby’s reaction will surely leave you in splits. 

Baby Eats Kiwi Slice For The First Time


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In a viral video posted by @ladbible, a baby is seen trying Kiwi for the very first time. The video features the voice of the baby’s caretaker as she offers the child a slide of kiwi fruit. The baby tries to take a bite of the fruit from the caretaker’s hand and gives out a hilarious reaction. 

The reaction was cute and hilarious at the same time, as Kiwi is a sweet and sour fruit. The baby does not give up, takes the slice in his hands, and tries to take a bite again. The sour taste makes him have a similar reaction again. 

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Crosses 9.3 Million Views

Credits: ladbible

 The baby keeps trying to eat that slice, and after 2-3 attempts, he finally takes a tiny bite. The video has by far garnered over 9.3 million views and has received over 311K likes on Instagram. 

The video post has over 4,583 comments from netizens who have showered it with many heart and laugh emoticons. Many people lauded the cute baby’s attitude of not giving up on that slice of kiwi fruit and keeping on trying to eat it. 

There are many videos on the internet that make us go completely crazy about babies. Another viral video was of a little toddler who was dancing his heart out to the beats of a very popular Hindi song. 

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Which is your favourite baby video?

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