Viral Video: Real Estate Man Lists Amsterdam’s Deadly Tourist Traps; Visitors React!

by Shreya Ghosh
Viral Video: Real Estate Man Lists Amsterdam’s Deadly Tourist Traps; Visitors React!

Amsterdam is a breathtaking destination and it is on lakhs of globetrotters’ travel bucket list. This diverse city has fantastic experiences to offer such as alluring natural beauty, rich cultural representation, historical landmarks, lip-smacking cuisine, and so much more. The Netherlands capital witnessed a crazy tourist footfall in peak seasons. Do you know that there are many scary tourist traps hidden in the city?

Real Estate Man Shared Life-threatening Tourist Traps Of The City

Entrepreneur Derek Hsiang (@realestatefornoobs) took to Instagram to share a video about the hidden truth behind the lively atmosphere and extraordinary travel surge in the Netherlands capital.


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In between the glorious travel diaries and experiences offered in the capital city, there are some tourist traps that many are not aware of. Derek Hsiang took to the video to talk about many such scary facts about the city bustling with visitors from different corners of the world all around the year.

Tourists often face issues with distinguishing between a bike lane and a sidewalk. Amsterdam houses are known all over the world for their narrow and steep stairs. People travelling from other locations sometimes find it difficult to use such stairs.

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The city is popular for its beautiful canals. As shared in the video, some canals have no guardrails and this often leads to many unexpected accidents.

Tourists Are Sharing Their Experiences Of Exploring Amsterdam!

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Netizens are sharing their reviews and opinions about travelling in Amsterdam. Though most tourists are in love with the beautiful city, they are also pointing out these issues and talking about their personal experiences.

An Instagrammer commented, “I confirm the bike lanes. They even get angry if you stand in one of those”. Another user wrote, “This is no joke… Amsterdam is absolutely a beautiful place to be though. Just remember listen for the bike bell! They will and I repeat will run you over lol”. “The bike lane part is right. Do not step into a bike lane or the road. Bikes will aim to run into you. And call you names.”, a comment read.

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Is Amsterdam on your travel bucket list?

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