Come 2024, Amsterdam Airport Will Use 19 Robots At Baggage Claim; Will Lift 80% To 90% Of Bags

Amsterdam airport
by Tooba Shaikh

A considerable amount of human resources are utilised at the airport for handling the baggage that passengers carry along with them for their travel. The Amsterdam airport has decided to use cutting-edge robots for the task. It first started a pilot project around two weeks ago which has since proved successful. Hence, the airport has ordered a total of 19 new robots that it will implement in a staggered manner by 2024.

Amsterdam Airport Will Use 19 Robots To Lift Bags

Amsterdam airport

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

This particular initiative is being undertaken in order to improve the work of employees at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport in the Netherlands. In the month of June, there was a pilot initiative which was incredibly successful. Seeing the success of this pilot program, the officials decided to expedite the acquisition of these robots.

Aviapartner and KLM as well as Viggo, manage the baggage at the Zuid section of the airport. These are passengers who are departing and travelling within Europe. It is here that the robots will be implemented. The number of robots will increase gradually to 19. By 2024, all 19 robots will be in place.

Once implemented, the robots will be able to lift around 80 to 90 per cent of all the baggage items without running into any issues or errors. It will help with the lifting of heavy bags and more. The staff of the Zuid section of the airport will have the aid of robots.

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Will Implement Gradually, In A Staggered Manner

Amsterdam airport

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The robots will be implemented at the airport in a gradual manner. These robots have been designed in about six months, expressly to be utilised at the airport. These robots are created by Cobot Lift, which is a Danish company.

Their robots have been used in other industries like bakeries and have a great record. Since the pilot study was so successful, the airport officials are looking forward to implementing the robots as soon as they possibly can.

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Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons