Viral Video: Watch How A Farmer From Kerala Comes In A ₹44 L Audi To Sell Veggies

by Tejashee Kashyap
Viral Video: Watch How A Farmer From Kerala Comes In A ₹44 L Audi To Sell Veggies

In the serene countryside, where rolling hills meet endless fields, there exists an unusual tale of this Kerala farmer. Innovation knows no bounds, and the most unexpected ideas can lead to remarkable success, even when they start with a farmer, an Audi, and a dream. Sujith, a young farmer from Kerala, attracted notice when he showed up at a roadside market to sell fresh veggies in an Audi A4 luxury automobile.

This Farmer From Kerala Comes In An Audi To Sell Veggies

In an unexpected instance, a farmer comes to sell his farm’s produce from behind the wheel of a sleek Audi. This captivating story serves as a testament to the power of innovation and the resilience of individuals who dare to dream beyond their circumstances.

In the video, the farmer, Sujith, can be seen picking and gathering bunches of red spinach. He then drives off to the market while keeping them in his fancy automobile, Audi. Sujith arranges his freshly picked spinach on the mat as he arrives.

Mr. Sujith packs up everything after selling all of his produce, then he leaves in his posh sedan. He starts the car, puts his lungis around his shorts, sits down, and starts the engine.

Within just four days of being uploaded, the video’s popularity soared. It has garnered an astounding 4.5 lakh likes and a number of supportive comments from social media users. Sujith’s Instagram post received comments that showed praise for his commitment and passion for entrepreneurship.

Sujith, known as the “Variety Farmer,” posted the video on Instagram. It depicts him growing crops and then driving his opulent Audi A4, which has a suggested retail price of more than 44 lakh, to a roadside market to sell his goods.

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Innovative Farming Days

This farmer from Kerala is well recognised for promoting new agricultural methods online, cultivating a variety of crops, and fusing technology with agriculture. On Instagram, he has more than 203,000 followers.

The development of technology has drastically changed a number of businesses, increasing their profitability and causing changes in formerly less profitable ones, such as agriculture. In the past, farming has been associated with physically demanding work in the fields that frequently yielded meagre financial rewards. Younger people are now exploring options like organic farming to challenge corporate dominance and support entrepreneurial endeavours. This has led to a change in recent times.

Cover image credits: Instagram/Variety Farmer