List Of Visa On Arrival Places For UAE Residents 

by Dhruv Maniar
List Of Visa On Arrival Places For UAE Residents 

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Calling out the travellers and the wanderers out there! Here are a few countries that UAE Residents can avail Visa on Arrival. 

1. Armenia

Currency Rate: 1 AED = 132 Armenian Dram

Adore the churches and other religious buildings in Armenia built more than 1700 years ago. One should also visit the famous Etchmiadzin Monastery, which is a World Heritage Site. Make a note as you will need to pay the equivalent of 20 Dirhams for your short stay tourist visas in order to qualify for a visa on arrival as a UAE resident.

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2. Georgia

Currency Rate: 1 AED =  0.72 Georgian Lari.

When in Georgia you surely need to visit Tbilisi which is also recommended as the top destination by many travellers. Tbilisi is the capital city and one of the best cities in Georgia to visit! UAE residents can avail visa on arrival for a period if 90 days.  

3. Azerbaijan 

Currency Rate: 1 AED = 0.46 Azerbaijani Manat.

Visit Garasu Volcano which is the highest mud volcanoes in the world, The Caspian Sea the worlds largest lake which has a coastline of approx 310 miles from the border with, Iran to the south and Dagestan in the north. Icheri Seher which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is located In central of Baku. All you need to do is present your passport with your valid UAE residency visa at the airport upon arrival, and you’ll be able to stay in Azerbaijan for a month.

4. Maldives

Currency Rate: 1 AED = 4 Maldivian Rufiyaa.

If you are looking for getting a perfect diving and snorkelling experience then the Maldives is the appropriate place to do that. It is all the better if you are a UAE Resident because the Maldives provides you with a free Visa on arrival for a maximum period of 90 days. Don’t however forget to carry documents for the next destination such as return or onward flight tickets.

Credits: Shutterstock
Credits: Shutterstock

5. Mauritius

Currency Rate: 1 AED = 9.31 Mauritian Rupee.

Mauritius, a sparkling crystal in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, is a place that deserves to be on the bucket list. Being granted with a visa on arrival is all the more a better reason for us to visit Mauritius. The visa is provided for a maximum stay of 60 days. There are however a few too many prerequisites to get the visa. You must hold a confirmed booking for accommodation in Mauritius a sponsorship letter, a confirmed booking for a return flight and finally a minimum of USD 100/ AED 365 per day for your expenses during the stay.

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