Vistara Slapped With ₹10 Lakh Fine After Pilot Lands Without Proper Training

by Sanmita A
Vistara Slapped With ₹10 Lakh Fine After Pilot Lands Without Proper Training

Vistara airlines were imposed a fine of ₹10 Lakh by the airline’s regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), after one of Vistara’s pilots landed a flight at the Indore Airport without the necessary training. One of the DGCA authorities said this was a severe violation that endangered passengers’ lives on board. The pilot was the first officer in the flight, and according to rules, a pilot had to be trained first in a simulator to land flights with passengers.

Vistara Pilots Untrained In A Simulator

According to the reports, both the captain and the first officer were untrained in a simulator. Authorities were quite taken aback, but Vistara gave clearings to both the officers to land the flight. There are also no reports on which airport the flight took off from. 

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Not The First Time That DGCA Imposed Fines On Private Airlines


Before Vistara, DGCA had imposed fines on SpiceJet and Indigo Airlines for other reasons. Earlier, a 10 lakh fine was imposed on the Spicejet airlines for training its pilots in a faulty simulator. Authorities said that such a move would have seriously impacted the safety of the flights and their passengers. As a result, the SpiceJet pilots were barred, following which DGCA had issued a show-cause notice to the private airlines. 

In another instance, IndiGo airline was fined ₹5 lakh for barring a differently-abled child from getting into the airline at Ranchi airport on May 7. As a result, the child was not allowed to board the scheduled flight from Ranchi-Hyderabad airport. In their defence, the IndiGo airline had stated that the child was in a ‘state of panic’ that would cause inconvenience to the other passengers on board. 

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