‘Can’t Violate Rules’: IndiGo CEO On Differently-Abled Child Denied To Board Flight

by Shreya Ghosh
‘Can’t Violate Rules’: IndiGo CEO On Differently-Abled Child Denied To Board Flight

The very recent incident of IndiGo airlines not allowing a differently-abled child to board a flight is flooding every social media platform with thousands of reactions from people all around. The family of this teen was not allowed to board a flight from Ranchi airport as the ‘child was in a panic situation’ and was not showing ‘normal’ behaviour. IndiGo CEO Ronojoy Dutta finally spoke on this unfortunate situation and conveyed regret too.

IndiGo CEO Spoke On This Situation

The IndiGo representative declared the specially-abled teen as a risk and unfit for the flight. Further, he compared the child to drunken flyers. On such declaration y the IndiGo airlines crew, the family and the co-passengers raised their voices against the airline. This resulted in a huge argument inside the airport. While the IndiGo CEO expressed regret about this incident, he also offered to buy an electric wheelchair for the child.

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Mr. Dutta Expressed His Regret

IndiGo CEO Ronojoy Dutta said, as reported by NDTV, ‘We always tell employees flight safety is Number 1. If you are in doubt, please always err on the side of flight safety. So how do we make sure that flight safety is not just lip service but is actually working. One is training. The second thing is empowerment. We don’t try to second guess the captain’s, flight attendant, or flight manager’s decision.’

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Mr. Dutta also shared that this child flew with IndiGo more than 50 times previously. According to him, this was ‘the best possible decision under difficult circumstances. They did not want to turn the event like this and their purpose was to ‘carry the family’. In fact, he also mentioned that it was a ‘poor choice of words’ by the crew.

Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia warned the IndiGo airlines. Also, he is investigating this inhuman incident inside the Ranchi airport himself. In fact, the Aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation is working with a 3-member team to conduct an inquiry into this incident.