Vodka Pasta – Try Out This New Kind Of Dish Which Has The Boozy Alcohol In It To Make You Whoozy

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
by Yashasvi Shaktawat 1707

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Yes, you heard that right! This place in Delhi offers a unique kind of dish that has vodka in it as an addition to their delicious plate of pasta, drop everything right now and head straight to this restaurant.

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What Is It?

Restaurant 28 Capri Italy in Defence Colony is already famous for its scrumptious platter of pasta it offers and in addition to that – they have something that no other Italian restaurant has, a combination of pasta, crunchy prawns AND vodka for a perfect indulgence.

The pasta with prawns and vodka is cooked in a succulent sauce which is then topped with prawns to crunch it up and of course, the boozy vodka which makes this dish stand out from the rest.

The place also has a beautiful ambiance to make this whole culinary experience of boozy pasta a fantastical one, only this one’s real or can be if you visit the restaurant situated in Def Colony in Delhi.

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Image credits: TrueLocalz


Address: 28 A, 2nd Floor, Main Market, Opposite Moets Restaurant, Defence Colony, New Delhi
Phone:  011 4654 3444
Price for two: ₹1,500

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