Wadi Shab: All That You Need To Know Before You Dive In

Credits: Amazing Oman.com
by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 2241

Surrounded by water, Oman is home to breathtaking beaches and clear water streams. But we dug a little deeper and found a hidden gem two hours away from Muscat. Scenically decked between Muscat and Sur, Wadi Shab is a silent valley, tucked in with a river and a secret cave. Bonus- the cave has a hidden waterfall not many know of!

How To Get To Wadi Shab?

For starters, you will have to hike and swim to get here. Well, but before that you’ll have to take a flight to Muscat, followed by a short car journey. The hike then starts with a short boat trip to cross the river. The boat ride is an enjoyable one as the canyon is wide, lined with palm trees on either sides and also lets you encounter plenty of natural swimming pools. So, make sure you carry your swim wear along!

Credits: civitatis.com

Credits: civitatis.com

Now is when the real fun starts. After the boat ride, you will find yourself walking, and climbing through a section of boulders and the path may be a little tricky here, so make sure you follow the directions painted on the rocks. In a few minutes, you will reach a gorge, where you can leave all your belongings and start swimming. In case you aren’t fond of swimming, continuing hiking up the trail to catch the breathtaking view from the top.

Credits: civitatis.com

Credits: civitatis.com

In the last lap, you will find yourself swimming your way into a secret cave. The water here is really deep, so watch out. You might have to swim underwater and make your way through a narrow crack before you finally get a glimpse of a surreal, natural waterfall. Illuminated by warm sunlight, this is one sight you will remember for life.

When Is The Best Time To Head Here?

Being a desert, Oman has a summer you definitely wouldn’t want to experience. That said, November to January is the best time to head here. Also, make sure you start your trek in the morning, as there is plenty of shade. Weekdays are better, simply because you can have the place to yourself and make the trip more personal.

Credits: Wadi Shab Instagram

Credits: Wadi Shab Instagram

What Should You Carry Along?

Waterproof bag
Flip flop
Water bottle
Swim Wear

So, when are you packing your bags?


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