Want To Pay Your Traffic Fines In Instalment? Here’s A List Of Documents You’ll Require

by Deeplata Garde
Want To Pay Your Traffic Fines In Instalment? Here’s A List Of Documents You’ll Require

Paying traffic fines in instalments allows owners of vehicles with breaches outstanding to Dubai Police to pay over a period of 3, 6, or 12 months without incurring interest. Recently, the Abu Dhabi Police posted on social media to inform drivers of this initiative. But there is a certain list of documents that are essential to apply for this programme. Let’s find out which document is mandatory to activate this service of paying traffic fines in instalments.

Pay Traffic Fines In Instalments In UAE

If drivers pay their traffic fines within two months (60 days) following the offence, they receive a 35% discount. The discount is reduced to 25% if they wait for a year. The authority wants to increase public awareness of the benefits of paying traffic fines early. There would be consequences as well for paying the fees late. The government send out these reminders to car owners about their traffic fines’ due dates.

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What Are The Required Documents For This Service?

Traffic Fines
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Make sure to keep these documents near and organised while paying your traffic fines.

1. Driver’s Emirates ID Card
2. AD Police issued insurance cards from accredited banks

Here are the two documents mandatory for paying the fines in instalments in UAE. Also, the driver needs to be available in person to pay the fine. If the fine is being paid in any of the Abu Dhabi branches then the driver needs to either have two violations registered or fines should be above Dhs 2000.

These are the conditions to keep in mind when you sit to pay your traffic fines in instalments.

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