Want To Witness Sakura Magic In Japan? Here’s The Cherry Blossom Forecast For 2024 In Japan

As per the Japan Meteorological Corporation, the cherry blossom season in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Sapporo will start in late March 2024.

by Tashika Tyagi
Want To Witness Sakura Magic In Japan? Here’s The Cherry Blossom Forecast For 2024 In Japan

If we were to list down two things that we love about Japan, then we’d narrow it down to the insane variety of KitKats and Sakura season in the country. While not many might agree with the former, we can all unanimously agree that the beauty of Japan reaches new heights during the cherry blossom season. And in some good news, the Japan Meteorological Corporation has released the cherry blossom forecast for 2024. The spring will descend upon the country by late March and new blooms of sakura can be sighted then. For exact dates and cities, read on.

Cherry Blossom Season In Japan: Painting Towns Pink

cherry blossom Japan
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We might still be in early January, but the Japan Meteorological Corporation (JMC) has already released its data with anticipated dates for the cherry blossom season in the country. As per the date, the Sakura season will begin in late March in some cities, while others will see pink blooms by mid-April.

There is a slight delay this season due to a warmer autumn that Japan witnessed in 2023. The buds of cherry blossom trees need cold temperatures to bloom before the temperature continues to rise till spring. The warm autumn delayed this process slightly but not by a big margin.

cherry blossom forecast
Image Courtesy: Website/Japan Meteorological Corporation

In the capital city of Japan, Tokyo, the anticipated date for flowering is on 23rd March 2024. The blooms are expected to peak by March end. As for Kyoto and Osaka, the predicted date is announced on the 23rd and 25th of March, respectively. They are expected to reach full bloom by the 1st of April. A similar trend of late March and mid-April is expected throughout the country. With a few exceptions like Hokkaido and Sapporo where the cherry blossoms are likely to start flowering from early May.

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Best Time To Travel To Witness These Beauties In Person

cherry blossom Japan
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Now, if you’re planning a visit to witness the pink beauty that Japan turns into during this season, then you can plan a trip during mid-April. This is when the new blooms are fully bloomed and the light pink flowers are just what you see on these massive trees. These trees are not rare in Japan. You can find them in public parks, roadsides, and anywhere there is even a slight hint of nature or greenery. So, you won’t lack opportunities to witness them if you plan your visit at the right time.

P.S. – While these are a few anticipated dates, the JMC will provide a clearer picture with another update on February 25, 2024.

So, are you itching to book your tickets to Japan to witness the cherry blossom season in 2024?

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