Watch A Live Streaming Of Meals Prepared On Indian Railways By IRCTC!

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Watch A Live Streaming Of Meals Prepared On Indian Railways By IRCTC!

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Indian passengers can now keep a check on the quality of food being served to them in the Indian Railways by watching it live.

What Is It?

In a recent move led by Piyush Goyal, Indian Railways has made live streaming of IRCTC kitchens possible to the eye of the public and keep a check on its quality.

What’s In It?

This initiative comes as a move to improve the eating standards and maintain hygiene on Indian Railway trains to offer better quality food.

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The live streaming will be available as a link on the IRCTC website under the gallery section which will include live streaming of several base kitchens across the country. The kitchens have been installed with high definition CCTV cameras to make live streaming available to the public audience.

You can raise a complaint each time you speculate the quality is being compromised, if the chefs are working without uniforms and hats or if there is any presence of rodents and cockroaches. The complaint ticket will then be generated by the Software and the kitchen manager will be notified who will be responsible for the next course of action.

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