Watch: Chandrayaan-3 Launch Captured From Plane! Netizens In Awe

by Tooba Shaikh
Watch: Chandrayaan-3 Launch Captured From Plane! Netizens In Awe

The launching of the Chandrayaan-3 by the Indian Space Research Organisation, or the ISRO, was a historic moment for Indians everywhere in the world. It took place on the 14th of July and since then, social media has been bursting with pictures and videos of the launch. One video stands apart from the rest and it is a video of the launch. But it isn’t just any video, it is a video taken from a plane.

Chandrayaan-3 Launch Captured From A Plane

This particular video has taken the Internet by storm! It was shared on Twitter by an ex-ISRO employee. Dr. P V Venkitakrishnan is the retired director of ISRO’s Materials and Rocket Manufacturing. He took to the micro-blogging website and shared the awe-inspiring video.

The video was supplemented with the caption which told Netizens that the video was captured during a flight headed to Dhaka in Bangladesh from Chennai in Tamil Nadu. According to the caption he posted, the pilot of the flight made an announcement in the flight which informed its passengers about the historic moment.

According to an article recently published by the Hindustan Times, this particular launch employed the Launch Vehicle Mark-3 or LVM-3. It is carrying a lander and a rover which are named Vikram and Pragyan respectively. The goal is to become the first craft to ever land on teh south pole of the moon.

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Netizens In Awe Of The Video

The article also mentioned that the moon craft is set to enter the lunar orbit by the 1st of August and will make its final descent on the 23rd of August. The video was posted on the 15th of July, a day after the launch of Chandrayaan-3.

Since then, it has managed to garner more than 1.2 million views which only keep increasing. In addition to this, it has received more than 23.3 thousand likes as well. Many people took to the comment section and expressed their surprise and awe. Some even shared more videos of the Chandrayaan-3 launch.

There were many, however, who were suspicious of the video’s authenticity. Some questioned how a commercial flight was operating anywhere near the launch since the area around it is usually declared a no-fly zone to avoid collisions.

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Cover Image Credits: @DrPVVenkitakri1/Twitter