Watch: Mysuru’s Zomato Delivery Person Cycles In Rainfall To Deliver Food Orders

A video of a Zomato delivery person delivering food during heavy rainfall is surfacing on social media.

by Shreya Ghosh
Watch: Mysuru’s Zomato Delivery Person Cycles In Rainfall To Deliver Food Orders

Do you remember the last time you visited a restaurant, cafe, or any eatery only to pick up your food order? Well, most of us cannot remember doing this except from food joints located right next to our homes. Online delivery platforms such as Zomato have made our lives easier by delivering food orders to our doorstep. Even a kid might be able to open the app and place the order. It is just as simple!

X User Shared A Sad Video Of A Zomato Delivery Executive

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Aditya Samarth (@aaditya_samarth) uploaded a video of a Zomato delivery agent working in between heavy rainfall.

While we get to enjoy our favourite food at any time from the comfort of our houses, the delivery agents are the ones who have to go through all the steps to deliver our orders safely to our doorstep, that too within a specified amount of time. Kudos to all the people associated with such delivery platforms who ensure we receive our orders on time.

Many people often ignore these people’s contributions to the delivery industry but no one can ignore this video making rounds on the X (formerly Twitter) platform. Aditya Samarth shared a video of a Zomato delivery person cycling after dusk while it rained quite heavily. The guy was wearing a raincoat and carrying the Zomato bag with orders packed inside. He was cycling in that weather condition just to deliver the food items to the customers.

Someone sitting inside a car recorded this footage of the delivery driver working in such poor weather conditions. The wipers were working continuously to provide proper visibility and it clearly showed how much it was raining during that time. The user shared the video captioning, “Life is not the same for everyone”.

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A Delivery Guy Rode On Horseback To Deliver Food

MOHD ABDUL WASAY (@MOHDABDULWASAY5) shared a video of a delivery guy delivering orders on a horse.

This was not the first time when we saw a Zomato delivery guy delivering food in an unusual situation. Just recently, a video went viral showing a delivery agent riding on a horse to deliver orders in Hyderabad. The reason behind opting for a horse instead of a vehicle was that fuel stations faced a fuel shortage crisis.

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Have you ever come across any such situation?

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ Aditya Samarth (@aaditya_samarth)

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